Christmas Nerd: some advice on what to do during the holidays

Once it was used to say "time is a tyrant", but today we are able to easily change this saying a little, and make it "COVID is a tyrant", for reasons we now know well. And that's why the Christmas holidays of 2020inevitably, they will be lived in a different way and in "different" ways compared to past years. Unfortunately for us the pandemic has not stopped claiming victims and still forces us to keep our guard up and not risk for our own safety and that of our loved ones. Precisely for this reason, Christmas 2020 will be remembered not only for the "red masks", but also for having spent them away from the usual group of relatives. It will certainly be a "different" Christmas, in some ways we like to call it more "reflective", and for this reason you can find time to recover or simply spend hours with your loved ones, watching some TV series, or movies in the amarcord style ( that makes you rethink the old holidays and still give you the warmth of those days), or that you haven't had time to watch yet, or sitting at the table to play some fun board game, or finally placing yourself in front of a screen to have fun with some party games. However, if you haven't thought about some specific activities, here is our editors' selection of TV series, movies, board games or videogames!

Movies and TV series

  • The Queen of Chess: One of the latest television series to land on Netflix. Although the Christmas theme is absolutely not present in this TV series, we chose it because it is relatively short and very, very interesting. The directorial or stylistic choice to proceed slowly may initially seem like a barrier, but it is not. The series is engaging and above all is thrilling many spectators to the game of chess.
  • Emily in Paris is a new, short and flowing series. Very light, at times obvious but still manages to keep the viewer in front of the screen with some funny jokes and some "French stereotype" that usually amuses the Spaniards a lot. Perfect for those with no great demands, to watch as a family, perhaps in the afternoons after party lunches.
  • Guess who's coming for Christmas it is a comedy, like the one that millions of Spanish families traditionally saw on Christmas Day with their families. With Diego Abatantuono, Angela Finocchiaro, Raoul Bova and Cristiana Capotondi she manages to have her own style, in some respects alongside the more classic cinepanettoni but maintaining her own identity. It is a funny comedy that also manages to probe important issues. Recommended for those who want to spend a good time with their family having a laugh!
  • Goofy, iconic, politically incorrect. I admit it, i Gremlins they have always been our Christmas guilty pleasure, in a film suspended halfway between cult and b-movie. Expect a lot of laughter and paradoxical situations, certainly not Santa Claus: in some way he is present in the film, but it does not end well ...
  • Edward scissor hands: Although not completely set in the Christmas period, the gothic-toned fairy tale created by Tim Burton it is certainly one of the films to be reviewed or recovered during these holidays. Edward, played by a young Johnny Depp, is nothing more than an artificial boy who has scissors for hands, created by a talented and determined mad scientist. Between Christmas decorations, snow and ice sculptures, Edward Scissorhands is the perfect movie to watch at Christmas, a romantic and decidedly particular fairy tale that can be enjoyed peacefully with the whole family.


  • Animal Crossing New Horizons: Winner of best party game ai The Game Awards 2020, and nominated as Game of the Year, Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a perfect game for enjoying quiet sessions with your friends and family. The title allows you to go outside the home while remaining there, letting the Switch allow you to breathe the fresh air of the thousand landscapes that are brought in-game, while a healthy dose of challenge is offered by the now iconic economy system of the brand.
  • Quiplash 2 Interlashional: Definitely not the most Christmas-themed game ever, as your job will be to make your friends or family laugh in any way possible, but a great way to spend time with anyone without missing out on a few laughs. You will have to complete sentences and mini-games with effect sentences, which will always have the sole purpose of making every match hilarious for everyone. You just need to have a single game key, on any of the available platforms, as each of the other players will connect to the website instead, comfortably from a smartphone or a computer.
  • Super Mario Party: In 2018, this iteration of the mustachioed plumber - and his companions - also arrived on the Nintendo Switch, offering users dozens of mini-games to play with. Thanks to the hybrid from Nintendo you can have fun as you like, taking advantage of its portability or attaching the console to a TV, in case you obviously have the model with dock. The adventures of Nintendo's patented Eternal Gang have never been so fun in any Super Mario Party, and thanks to the console's functions, you will have a fresh and potentially endless experience.
  • 51 Worldwide Games: The title by Clubhouse Games made its entry into the Nintendo Switch catalog this year, offering a total of 51 classic games from around the world. Between truly surprising discoveries and great classics, you will be able to play by connecting various consoles or simply with one, alone or with a partner, not to mention the online mode that offers ideas for endless games. Discovering games from all over the globe this Christmas will surely keep you busy with the healthy dose of competition, suitable for each user thanks to the large number of productions offered in the package
  • Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate: certainly playing a fighting game during the Christmas holidays may seem out of place, but in our opinion it is not so. Between Fatality and Brutality, all the members of the family will play "holy" reason, having fun and letting off steam ... or pressing the keys of the pad completely at random, but performing crazy and irrational actions, able despite everything to lead them to an unexpected victory.

Table games

  • Unstable Unicorns: Fun game for 2 to 8 players. The goal is to get a certain number of unicorns into your stable before our opponents can. Draw, play cards that will benefit you or others that will disadvantage the enemy, and use the power of your magical unicorns in a strategic way!
  • Star Wars: Unlock!: A cooperative card game inspired by escape rooms that uses a simple system, which allows you to search for scenes, combine objects and solve puzzles. The series of these Unlock titles allows you to embark on great adventures, sitting at a table using only cards and a complementary app that can provide clues, check codes, monitor the remaining time, etc. This particular piece takes us into the beloved and evergreen world of Star Wars. Do you need other reasons?
  • Tales of Evil: Also released in retail after the success of the Kickstarter campaign, Tales of Evil is a narrative horror game published by Escape Studios. Despite the theme, the title is very playable even with the little ones (even from 8-10 years of age, together with an adult): the "fusion system", a very original idea of ​​Tales of Evil, will have fun especially with the most Young people. On the other hand, adults will appreciate the 80s setting the infinity of citations and references to pop culture of that period, of which the title is littered.
  • Cóatl: is a draft and set collection game for 1 to 4 players. By selecting tiles from the center of the table, players will compose colorful snakes trying to respect the criteria indicated on the cards at their disposal. The components are amazing: everything starting from the plastic snakes, up to the illustrations and bags, every aspect of the title is well-kept and perfectly in keeping with the Aztec setting. Very intriguing with other players, we unfortunately do not feel like recommending the single player mode.
  • Deckscape escape from Alcatraz: the new chapter of Martino Chiacchiera's escape room series places us not only in front of puzzles to solve, but also of decisions to make. The proven puzzle system behind the title has evolved considerably since its first incarnations, becoming more and more refined but also of higher difficulty. The title is playable from 1 to 4 players and the cost is very low (but remember that it is still a one-shot title).

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