Come sconfiggere Nemesis Boss in Resident Evil 3

How to defeat Nemesis Boss in Resident Evil 3? Here's how you can escape the Nemesis boss in RE3 Remake, your first encounter with the toughest boss. After setting the correct path, Carlos will ask you to join him. This is where you will first meet the Nemesis boss in Resident Evil 3. Nemesis is a stubborn and tough boss to beat, the best thing to do is run as far as possible. But on the roof, you will face him and this is the beginning of the fight against the boss of RE3 Remake Nemesis. If you die frequently or can't escape, here's what you need to do.

Come sconfiggere Nemesis Boss in Resident Evil 3

Put some grenades aside, you can find one of the lockers inside another room near the subway station office. Grenades are best to stun Nemesis for a while, it also helps you escape if you are able to hit it right it will drop supplies. Some common things you can find in the briefcase are weapon upgrades, ammo, explosive shots, etc. So make sure you hit it hard enough to get one.

As soon as you reach the streets after turning on all the electrical grid and setting the train route, Nemesis will appear. If you have explosives, avoid using them for now as this is primarily an escape mission. Meet Carlos first, after the cutscene, Nemesis will return.

Lure the creature away from the subway station ...

In this objective, you have to take Nemesis away, to do this run as fast as you can and shoot the generator on the stairs to stun this boss. Avoid wasting ammo or explosives in the beginning. You'll be in a warehouse like a room full of boxes. There are two red fuel barrels on the left wall near the vent. Stay a bit far and when Nemesis is close shoot the barrels. He will release a briefcase, grab it and break the vent to move further.

Now let's move to the sewers

Walk to the metal door, in one cutscene, you will see Jill lock the door. The door on your left has a sewer map on the wall, get it with red herbs and you can also use the container. Additionally, there is a typewriter that you can use to save your game progress. This room is the director's office. Exit the room and keep walking left, you will reach a room which is locked with an electric lock.

You can't open it without a battery, now here I will show you how to find some important items. Like a grenade launcher and a battery to unlock the door with electronic lock.

  • Use the shotgun and pistol to take down the sewer monster
  • Preserve explosive shots for boss fight.

Where to find a grenade launcher in the sewers?

From the locked door, turn around and follow the sewer water. Once you are down sliding across a slope, close the wall to the end and take the first left. Here you will fight a new type of monster here, a huge mutated sewer rate, preferably killed by fire or explosives. At the end, there is a room that has a grenade launcher. Also this room as Explosive B, a new type of object. Combine with Explosive A to create ammo for the Grande launcher. Collect MGL Grenade Launcher 2 which will play a major role in defeating Nemesis.

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Where to find a battery pack to unlock electronic locks?

The battery pack is located in the laboratory, inside the sewers. Follow the map screenshot above to reach the lab, you will also find explosive A inside a locked cabinet in the lab. Collect the battery pack from a trolley and return to the locked door. It is best to preserve your explosive Rounds as much as possible.

Now you have the battery pack, go back to the locked room which is the starting point on the map screen above. Use the stairs to go up, you will be attacked by the sewer monster here, use your shotgun. If you consume all your explosive rounds, it will be difficult to take on the Nemesis boss.

Enter and first unlock the metal door on your left. Once unlocked, pick up the battery pack, use the newly opened door to continue walking and grab the bag from the far left room. This will add two new slots to your inventory. Collect the battery and walk straight, go right and then use the stairs to go down. Unlock the door which is the last one.

Nemesis Boss Fight

The boss fight will start as soon as you use the stairs to exit. There are two parts to this fight, the first is to escape this creature and the second is to fight it on the roof. Keep running ignoring the other zombies around you. Avoid getting too close, Nemesis will follow you. You will be inside a room. Before you go up, do these two things.

  1. Take the door to the right of the stairs and interact with the typewriter to save your progress.
  2. Inside this room on the right side of a table is Explosive A. Combine A and B to make ammo for the Grenade Launcher. If you used any of them in the sewer, you will definitely need them.

Keep moving, use a gun to kill the zombies. He uses the boards to jump on the broken floor, keep running until he reaches the roof where the final boss fight begins. You will also see a typewriter and a crate on your way. Keep looking for the stairs to go up, the path is simple.

Before you start using all the grenade launchers, lure Nemesis near the generator. He uses your gun and shoots the generator. He will stun the boss and then use explosive shots to burn him. Use the wooden planes to protect yourself from direct attacks, Nemesis usually walks and uses his weapon.

There are herbs and explosive shots scattered around the area above the wooden planks. You can get them but keep yourself protected. And lure Nemesis near the generator. He shoots the generator and then starts attacking the boss. If you've saved your grenades, now is the best time to use them.

Nemesis is hard to beat, you will have to run a few laps and keep luring him near the generator. If there is a yellow light, then it will not release an explosive charge, you have to wait for the blue light on it. Avoid wasting your explosive shots when Nemesis is attacking you.

When he is about to shoot in the head he will help you a lot. Nemesis boss will change his attack style, try to dodge your explosive rounds. Also, he will try to charge it, so be ready to run around. The worst attack is when it charges at full speed and grabs Jill's head. This will consume a lot of health, so be prepared to dodge it. Finally, when the generator is active, shoot him and stun the boss.

Defeating the Nemesis boss in Resident Evil 3 Remake will require two generator shots, lots of explosive shots, and shotgun shooting. I hope the tips in this guide can help you.

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