Controls Stunts

Trials Fusion - Tricks and stunts commands list


The guide to learning all jumps.

Controls Stunts

One of the innovations introduced by Trials Fusion is represented by the FMX Trick system. By moving the right stick of the pad in various directions, you can perform different types of stunts which also depend on the position in which the motorcycle is at the moment in which the jump is made.

Below you will find the list with the tricks that can be performed, the relative controls and the position in which the bike must be in order to complete each trick. Remember that you can practice in the wind tunnel which can be found at the beginning of the FMX training program.

Important: consult the Trials Evolution cheats and guides tab for other useful guides on this game.

TrickMotorcycle positionRight stick
Superman normal left
Ruler normal su
Proud hero normal down
Coffin normal right
Going Up front wheel up down
Going to Hell front wheel down su
Going to Heaven front wheel down left
Underdog upside down right
Driller front wheel down right
Bow front wheel down down
Slash rotates forward turn the lever slowly clockwise
Kiss of Death rotates forward turn the lever quickly clockwise
Dead Body rotate backwards rotate the lever slowly counter-clockwise


rotate backwards

rotate the lever quickly counter-clockwise

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