Dead by Daylight Mobile: the horror title for iOS and Android is now free

One of the most talked about titles of recent years, both for better and for worse, has recently also been released on mobile devices in a totally free way. Dead by Daylight, a horror work developed by Behavior Interactive and released in 2016 on PC and later on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch, is now available for free on both terminals: iOS e Android.

Characteristic of the video game is the asynchronous multiplayer that sees on one side a team of four players who will have to escape from the ruthless murderer and achieve the objectives that the game imposes; on the other hand, the fearsome killer will be maneuvered by a single person who will therefore have the opposite task of the fugitives, try to find them as soon as possible to kill them.

Also in this mobile version, the essence of the title has not been distorted, allowing the 5 players to take on the role of either the "wanted" or the "seeker". Inside this version, released four years after the original, a few more elements have been introduced like some of the most famous iconic horror killers: Michael Myers, Amanda Young, Ghost Face and the Demogorgon of Stranger Things are some of these. Survivors have also been expanded with new recruits like these beloved heroes: Laurie Strode, David Tapp and Bill Overbeck, and Steve and Nancy from Stranger Things. We leave you the download link of Dead by Daylight Mobile for iOS and Android respectively here and here.

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