Dead by Daylight, the review for Nintendo Switch

It has become practically useless to go around the question: if you are here to read ours Dead by Daylight review for Nintendo Switch, it is because we live in the age in which any more or less recent video game must receive its conversion / its porting / its remake also on the hybrid console of the Kyoto House. It matters little if the title was already forgettable at its first appearance on the market; it doesn't matter if it lends itself badly to use in portable mode; the very quality of the conversion does not matter, which if you think about it should instead represent the backbone of the entire operation. We have reviewed a myriad of less than excellent but still appreciable titles, which once arrived on the Nintendo Switch were almost unplayable due to a sloppy, superficial and hasty conversion. Here, with Dead by Daylight we have another one to add to the list. Unfortunately.

Conversion on Nintendo Switch

You may not even remember what Dead by Daylight is. We will see it later, now let's focus on his instead conversion for Nintendo Switch, given that this is it: a video game that debuted in due course on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, and which is now added to the family of titles for the hybrid console of the Great N. The version we tried he already had the dayone patch on his side, so there aren't many excuses or particular expectations for buyers: Dead by Daylight on Nintendo Switch isn't much of a port. The implementation of the conversion has very conspicuous defects, mainly graphic and technical.

Now, it must be said that visually speaking the graphics sector of Dead by Daylight did not scream a miracle even on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, while on PC it behaved a little more dignified. On Nintendo Switch the level of general disaster depends on the game mode you prefer. On TV the glance is merciless, even in those dark and sparse settings that usually manage to save a title that is mediocre in itself (in the dark many defects are seen less, there is the atmosphere, and so on with many comfortable excuses ). Here these excuses are not there. In TV mode we are on the 800-900p resolution, with images on the edge of grain, polygonal models to review, hopping renders and other amenities. The frame rate almost always stands at 30FPS, when it goes wrong "and in the most agitated situations we are practically certain that it drops to a value between 20 and 30 FPS.

In portable mode the graphic-visual sector improves, the technical one does not. The lower resolution of the screen, the more contained display and the necessarily contained glance mean that you are able to postpone many more smudges than in TV mode. The frame rate, however, is a bit 'more of a dancer than expected, and the gaming experience in general seemed less solid than on the home TV. We are sure that even simply by taking a look at some comparison videos, without the need to hold the Joy-Con in hand, you will more than agree with us. Among other things, keeping the Nintendo controllers tightly tightened is useless, because HD Rumble, vibration system and company have run away like the survivors of the game. Maybe they did well.

The gameplay

Dead by Daylight does not have a main plot, it is a title entirely designed for multiplayer use locally or online, with friends and strangers. In this theoretically there is nothing wrong, as long as obviously the game in question does well what little it has to do. And if it weren't for the serious graphic and technical shortcomings mentioned above (due to the bad conversion), Dead by Daylight would also do his job well. The idea behind the gameplay is very interesting and nice: in a game there are five players in all. Four players are the Survivors, and they must get to safety; the fifth is a ruthless serial killer / terrible monster, who must find and kill them all in order to sacrifice them to the Entity. Keep children away from Dead by Daylight as much as possible, because it's a conspicuously 18+ game: splatter, violent, creepy, dark and with the aim of impaling people on hooks to sacrifice them. Winning a game as the killer, among other things, gives great satisfaction.

Lo style of play it changes dramatically according to the chosen role (you can decide whether to play with the good guys or with the bad guys). While the killer's job is simply to find all the other players and harm them, the life of the counterparts is a little more complex: the survivors are extremely fragile. They have to escape, hide, heal themselves for injuries, power generators to unlock escape routes, and in any case be able to use them before death arrives. Of course, they can work together to slow the killer or save each other at certain times, and ultimately compensate for the weakness of their human being with numerical superiority.

The lack of a game story is compensated for by a progression system which aims to improve the parameters, the level and the skills of the individual characters present: just spend the necessary experience points. A piece of advice we give you is to study the game tutorial thoroughly, which is extremely detailed and accessible, otherwise the first online games will end up in the general confusion. Always assuming that someone on Nintendo Switch has decided to pay for online specifically to have fun with Dead by Daylight.


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Dead by Daylight was and remains an interesting game, with its strengths and weaknesses, but still deserving of a vote even higher than the simple pass. This conversion for Nintendo Switch, on the other hand, does not deserve the sufficiency: it limits itself to re-proposing the complete package not only without adding anything (the few additional contents are paid in the eShop!), But demolishing the graphic and technical sector of the production . Dead by Daylight remains fun to play, especially with friends, but it deserved a much better treatment. The overall glance is hard to swallow, the frame rate is unstable, glitches and smears await you around every corner. These are the things you need to be afraid of, not the guy with the electric saw behind the tree. That, poor thing, is just doing his job.


  • The gameplay was and remains valid ...
  • ... as well as atmosphere and enemies
  • Fairly interesting progression
  • Terrible conversion
  • Graphic and technical sector to forget
  • Hard-to-read screen texts on TV

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