Dead Island Riptide: How to Kill the Twins [360-PS3]

Dead Island Riptide: How to Kill the Twins [360-PS3]


In this guide we see how to unlock the Trophy / Objective "Twins" by Dead Island Riptide.

Kill the twins

Somewhat cryptic description for this Dead Island Riptide result asking us to kill the twins. But who are these twins, and above all, where the heck do I find twins on an island completely infested with zombies so disfigured that it is difficult to distinguish their nose from their ears?

The task is not very simple, also because the two do not travel in pairs singing "we are twins", indeed, the second of the two will not show up until you have performed particular actions. Here we are then, in this guide we will see how to find the twins in Dead Island Riptide and unlock the relevant result.

The twins are "gaseous" zombies and are both found in Chapter 7 at Pinai Ferry Station. Go to the north area of ​​the map where you will find a lifeguard shack (the ones with the walkway, baywatch style), from there the first one will come out and attack you immediately, kill him and then move on to the next area.

The second of the twins is instead located in the southern area of ​​the map, where you will find a large advertising billboard with a truck and a large wrench printed on it. On the back of the billboard you will find a ladder: use it to go up and get the sniper rifle. When you are upstairs, the door of the shack located in front of the advertising billboard will open, and the second of the twins will come out from there. Kill him too and you'll unlock the result

Here is a video showing the whole process

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