Destiny 2: discovering the subclasses of stasis

Destiny 2: discovering the subclasses of stasis

The arrival of the Pyramids in Destiny 2's massive narrative universe had been heralded for a long, long time. Even since the introductory video of the very first Destiny, in which it was possible to see a huge triangle-shaped shadow. The current Season of Arrivals, as the name itself suggests, is thus the opening show on which the decisive clash against the Pyramids will be played. IS the stage takes the name of Beyond the Light.

The expected expansion of Destiny 2 thus starts from an essential narrative premise for fans of Bungie's work, and consequently the expectations can only be very high. Presented during the live announcement of all the news related to the future of the title, Oltre la Luce immediately put the cards on the table: beyond the arrival of Europe as a planet on which the fate of the "destiny" of the Guardians will be decided, we will to use the darkness in our favor. How? Starting November 10, 2020, the expansion's release date, the introduction of stasis will result in a subclass of it, representing a new type of damage in the game ecosystem together with the solar, arc and vacuum one. In short, the premises are positive given that the next expansion would seem to be one of the most important in the history of the series.

During Gamescom Opening Night Live 2020, a new Beyond the Light trailer was shown, not so much focused on the story or the rewards we will get, but on the abilities of the subclass of stasis. So let's discover some very interesting news that we can't wait to try firsthand.

There are some important premises to make, which mainly concern how stasis will affect the gameplay of Destiny 2: many skills will be able to produce so-called stasis fields, which slow down enemies a lot and will find themselves prevented from reacting to yours attacks. Furthermore, directly from the official website we learn that we can literally freeze opponents with stasis and, when we defeat them, their explosion will produce ice flakes that will be like blades that will inflict damage on all nearby enemies.

Hunters - Revenant

Destiny 2: discovering the subclasses of stasis

Let's start by discovering all the news coming for one of the most chosen classes ever, that of the hunters. In the newly released trailer we discovered some interesting details about both the Super of the new subclass and for some abilities. The Super makes two picks appear in the hands of the Guardian, which are also reminiscent of short-handled scythes. We can launch two in a row, with a single press of the left mouse button: the first is faster, has a straight trajectory and will cause a big explosion on first impact; the second, otherwise, will be launched after a few seconds and, given its weight, the flight will be curved, while it will explode a few moments after touching a surface. It should also be noted that the Super will activate a conical front sight which will help you determine the trajectory of the second shot. A little touch of class that will surely come in handy during gameplay.

One will be the protagonist for the melee ability shuriken, which will have different effects based on the type we choose for its subclass. So far we have seen a type that is launched at great speed and that would seem to slow down the opponents hit. Interesting is the fact that we can use two, one at a time, which we can exploit with the grenades that we will see later. The other ninja star - much more interesting - may even bounce off the walls, perfect for certain situations in the Crucible, where we may find ourselves in a narrow alley facing our opponent. With no way to experience this skill firsthand, it's hard to tell if melee will kill frozen enemies in one fell swoop.

In fact, one of the two types of grenades that we have seen does not cause any damage, but creates a dome within which opponents are slowed down considerably, the one that takes the official name of "stasis field". As seen at 1:03 of the video, "bouncing shurikens" can be truly devastating when combined with this grenade. The second type, on the other hand, is the one that most surprised us for the strategic implications that it can involve, both in the Crucible and in the Assaults. Let's talk about the bomb that produces ice columns on surfaces which touches and which, in addition to offering excellent shelter, can also be used to jump higher or even to create a wall on which to throw the same shuriken.

Sorcerers - Binder of the shadow

Destiny 2: discovering the subclasses of stasis

The Warlock subclass makes extensive use of the peculiarities of stasis. As we can see from the trailer, when the Guardian activates the Super, a stick appears in his right hand and all enemies near it are frozen almost instantly. This is a very interesting technique that can be nothing short of useful in phases of difficulty in PvP, perhaps when we are surrounded by opposing players.

In addition, the Super will allow us to shoot blue orbs that instantly freeze the hit opponent and make it vulnerable to attack. This also applies in the Crucible: if you fire a weapon at your immobilized enemies, you will do them much more damage and the kill will be guaranteed. If you don't have the Super yet, you can use these orbs as a melee attack, and only shoot one but it works the same way (or so it seems).

It seems that it is possible to unleash the power in the stick for create a shock wave, which can be very useful for quickly destroying immobilized enemies. This is a very interesting technique, which we have seen being used just when the Super of the subclass is activated. Furthermore, also from the trailer we are also given a first look at what seems to be a physical attack with the stick precisely because, at 1:14, we see a Guardian who is about to throw him to the ground. In short, once again the details at our disposal are very few, which is why it is difficult to understand how the gameplay will really change. For now we only know that Warlocks will take great advantage of the Stasis's freezing and destroying ability, much more than the Hunters and Titans.

Titans - Behemoths

Destiny 2: discovering the subclasses of stasisThe subclass of the stasis of the Titans is also very interesting, although there are attacks similar to others already seen in the past. We thus discover the powerful Super and how it will devastate the battlefield, but we also discover the name from some video sequences of the gameplay: it will be called Glacial Quake, the Glacial Earthquake. Upon activation, your Guardian's right hand will take on the color of stasis, demonstrating the concentration of energy, and we can begin to fight with powerful attacks. The first that is shown is a crash to the ground with the fist, which can also be activated in the air, which starts a trail of sharp ice columns in three different directions, but always in front of the character. In short, we are sure that the Titans will have the opportunity to have fun with these new attacks.

A very interesting detail that we noticed from the same gameplay video from which the name of the Super was leaked is that when it was activated a passive ability appeared on the left of the screen, which takes the name of Crystalline Plating. From the naming, we could imagine that it is some sort of protection of the Guardian, not necessarily linked to the Titans but which - perhaps - will protect all the classes of which will activate the Super of the stasis subclass.

So let's talk about all the news that only tease the palate of Destiny 2 fans, who can't wait to try the new skills firsthand. However, there is still little information in our possession and it is difficult to say how much this subclass will be worth in gameplay. The very first impressions are positive, even too much! Being able to freeze enemies in the Crucible is in fact a possibility that is as interesting as it is frightening: the work of optimizing the hitboxes and the timing of the attacks of the next updates of Destiny 2 will be crucial in determining whether the stasis subclass will be able to be loved or hated by the players.

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