Destiny 2 - Guide to finding all Entropic Shards

Destiny 2 - Guide to finding all Entropic Shards

If you are playing Destiny 2 you will surely also know the stasis subclass. It is evident that most of the users of Bungie's work have launched themselves to discover everything there is to know and to unlock what is possible for this new type of damage. The peculiarity, compared to the solar, arc and void subclasses, is the very possibility of enhancing skills, a dynamic that gives the title an extra touch of variety. After finishing the main campaign we will have full access to stasis, in its primordial state and with only a grenade and a melee attack available. To unlock further skills we will have to start looking for the so-called Entropic Fragments, or small pyramids hidden for the entire surface of Europa. Since they aren't marked on the Destiny 2 map - and we initially have no clue as to what their shape or nature is - it's really hard to find them all without any help. For this reason, below you can read a list through which to find the exact position of all nine Fragments. Keep in mind a very important element: to get them you will have to hit them with the stasis bullets of the Exotic Grenade Launcher Squeeze of Salvation, so we strongly advise you to activate the relative exotic quest as soon as possible, so as not to leave unprepared.

Destiny 2: The location of all Entropic Shards

Fragment 1: Abyss of Asterion

After landing at the fast travel point, head north towards theAbyss of Asterion: once you arrive, look for the large structure in its center and climb up on it. Now you have to find a ramp that allows you to go up it, located in the northernmost area. Once up, you will find the Fragment next to a wall on the right.

Fragment 2: Hidden Empty Lost Sector (Abyss of Asterion)

Since you are already in the Asterion Abyss, enter the Hidden Void Lost Sector in the ice. This fragment is very easy to find, as it is located in the boss room - look up and you will find the small pyramid just above your head.

Fragment 3: Promontory of Cadmus

The third fragment is located in the Cadmo Promontory, immediately to the right at the entrance to the Exoscienza Bray. To find it, however, you will have to look near the large ice wall that faces the entrance of the structure, where you will find the Fragment.

Destiny 2 - Guide to finding all Entropic ShardsFragment 4: Lost Sector Bunker E15 (Vespers Ruins)

The fragment is located right inside the first large area of ​​the Lost Sector. After going down the stairs on the left, go up to the platform and see where you came from. Now look up and look at the top right corner of the room - that's where your target is.

Fragment 5: Ruins of the Vespers

This will be one of the easiest fragments to find, as it is found in the wreck just to the right of the entrance to the Lost Sector Bunker E15.

Fragment 6: Outpost of the Breeze

Obtaining the next fragments will start to be quite a daunting task, as you will have to run and move around the map for a long time. The sixth on our list is in Neo-Riis: after entering the second structure go up the stairs and you will find yourself in the room where in the first run there was a stasis barrier in one of the doors. Step right inside this one and get transported to the next floor. At this point, you will find the fragment immediately behind the stairs that you will find in front of you.

Fragment 7: Rise of the Kell

Now you have to go up the stairs that hid the sixth fragment and overcome the teleporter present in the large room of the Kells. Pass the area where you will arrive and enter the first door that you will have in front of you: now go always forward, continue in the immense complex until you reach an area with green lights. Here you will have to start jumping on the platforms attached to the walls on the sides until you reach an open area, the last in the area. Jump to the roof on the right and look under the short staircase, where you will find the shard.

Fragment 8: Iron of the Technocrat

To get this shard you have to go back a little earlier, right after passing the teleporter. Instead of going through the door that you will find in front of you, continue to the left and follow the path until you are in a large area with green lights, where there are elevated paths similar to rails: follow them and enter the door in front of you. You have to get to the huge circular hall where you have already fought the giant bipod. Look at the column immediately to your right, because the fragment is at the top, next to it.

Fragment 9: Bray Exoscience

The last fragment has only been made available in the last few hours, as it is located inside the Bray Exoscience. To find it, you must first go to the huge entrance hall, then to the study on your right. Now enter the door on your right and follow the path for a long time until you find yourself in a mammoth area, where there are shuttles full of Exo flying above you. Look at the bottom and then below: you will find the fragment in plain sight.

Destiny 2 - Guide to finding all Entropic Shards

What do you think of our guide? Did you manage to get all nine Entropic Shards without any problems? Let us know in the comments and don't forget to check out our review of the Destiny 2 Beyond the Light campaign as well.

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