Destiny 2 Season of the Chosen: first impressions of the new activities

Destiny 2 Season of the Chosen: first impressions of the new activities

Beyond the Light had laid the foundations for new narrative strands of Destiny 2, as we have already stated in our review. There Arrivals Season he had, in fact, seen the Eliksni and the Vex as protagonists, creating a direct correlation between the latter and the Exo. The Season of the Hunt had brought an unprecedented dynamic to the title, perhaps even too complex, also presenting the controversial character of Il Corvo. The current Season of the Choseninstead, it lays the foundation of the narrative system on the Red War, the main story of Destiny 2, also connecting to the events of the current trend, promising interesting implications.

First among these is the convergence of different characters, sometimes even contrasting ones, towards a single center which is the new basis of the Avant-garde. Zavala and Osiris were summoned by Caiatl, current leader of the Cabal and daughter of the mighty Calus, to agree on an alliance and fight the hive together. The dark race, in fact, has always been a great supporter of Darkness and the Pyramids, and objectively represents a danger for the entire solar system. However, after the events of the Red War, Zavala continues not to trust the Cabals and rejects the offer, aware that this choice involves a real declaration of war against Caiatl and his troops. The Season of the Chosen is thus the stage for a clash between the Cabal, the Hive and the Guardians of the Tower, with the latter having to try to understand what the real objectives of their opponents are.

Destiny 2: a season of alliances and disagreements

The aforementioned center of the Avant-garde takes the name of HELM, and is located in a bumpy section of the Tower. Here I am present a prismatic converter and a shady one (the same ones that the Drifter previously used), a computer where we can receive messages from the characters, and the long war table. Many disconnected faces come into play, united by the desire to plan attacks against the Cabal: Amanda Holliday, Osiris, the Crow, Zavala and even Lord Saladin are present. The reasons why these characters have decided to reunite and, even stranger, to attack their opponents rather than defend themselves from them, are still shrouded in mystery and require more hours of play before we can reveal all the details.

The HELM therefore sets itself up as an important meeting point for the guardians since, as you may have imagined, they do the shady engrams return. Whether they are loved or hated, these particular engrams once again present the possibility of being upgraded within the prismatic converters, giving us the freedom to choose the type of rewards to be obtained. In our opinion, this choice turned out to be very intelligent, as the mechanism of obtaining them and their enhancement is already known to the players, who will not find new and complex dynamics, but will already know how to move. 

On the contrary, the new Hammer of Proof has a very similar operation to that of Furie Hunts. Precisely for this reason, its principle of use seemed to us decidedly more complex than that of shady engrams, although not necessarily difficult to understand: the Hammer of Evidence, present among companies, can be strengthened with charges, which in turn are purchased. with Cabal gold, which we can obtain within the different game modes. Sounds complicated? In part it is, we do not deny it, but over time the process becomes much more automatic than it may seem. However, we consider it necessary to spend more hours on the battlefield in order to fully understand how it works. 

Destiny 2 Season of the Chosen: first impressions of the new activities

Season of the Chosen as a battleground between Guardians and Cabal

The center of the clash between Cabal and Guardians, however, is represented by the new seasonal activity, namely i Battlefields: we are talking about real wars on the front, where a team of three players will have to defeat waves of opponents, identify the champions with charges and take them to destroy generators to proceed in the fight, up to the boss. A simple concept that works particularly well, especially as regards the level of difficulty, which is very balanced. 

However, one of the most noticeable aspects of the changes with this Season is Bungie's willingness to simplify some processes hitherto considered part of the life practice of the Guardian. As well as in recent months the team has made it possible to purchase bounties from the companion app, freeing players from the need to move from one planet to another, with the most recent major update many dynamics have been simplified even more. Among these we have the visualization of the enterprises, of the value in Gambit or in the Crucible; even obtaining engrams from merchants no longer requires you to continually press the left mouse button until you fill the bar and get your hands on our prize.

Bungie is certainly working hard to expand Destiny 2's content, highlighting an always constant attention to its creation. The current Roadmap of the Season, which you can find below, helps us to understand how important it is for the team to value always different activities that, potentially, can offer users a greater variety. In fact, new assaults are coming, the Iron Banner and the expected ones Games of the Guardians from April 20 to May 9, apparently with a special closing ceremony between 7 and 9 May. In short, we can not help but wait for the arrival of all these new contents. We advise you to stay connected on Resources4Gaming to not miss further news and the complete review of the Season of the Chosen!

Destiny 2 Season of the Chosen: first impressions of the new activities

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