Destiny Subclasses Boost Guide [PS4-Xbox One-360-PS3]

Destiny Subclasses Boost Guide [PS4-Xbox One-360-PS3]


The final upgrade for each of the subclasses is shown at the bottom right of the subclass skill tree. In this guide you will find some tips to maximize subclasses and unlock their Trophies / Achievements:

Mastery of hunters
Mastery of the Titans
Mastery of sorcerers

These are the upgrades that must be obtained to unlock the results

  • Cacciatore
    • Gunslinger
    • Bladedancer
  • Titan
    • Striker
    • Defender
  • sorcerer
    • Voidwalker
    • Sunsinger

Make sure you don't switch between the two subclasses too often, otherwise it will take a lot longer to fully upgrade the skill tree. After one has been upgraded to the maximum, it is always advisable to equip the lower level subclass before activating the bounties, in order to make it progress without much effort.

After reaching level 20, you will find that you still have to unlock all the upgrades in the subclass skill tree, this is because you will continue to gain experience even after reaching the maximum level. Experience gained applies to both Grains of Light and to advancement of the equipped subclass. It is necessary to level 6-7 times to fully upgrade subclasses, which means that you will need around 700.000 experience points after reaching level 20 to fully upgrade a subclass.

The enhancement of the subclasses then passes from the accumulation of XP, so follow the guide with the tips to quickly gain experience points.

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