Deus Ex Human Revolution - Secrets and hidden easter eggs

Deus Ex Human Revolution - Secrets and hidden easter eggs

Here is what the developers have hidden in the game.

In Deus Ex Human Revolution, the most attentive and curious have noticed several easter eggs and more or less secret references scattered throughout the various levels of the game. Are you curious to know what they are? Here they are all for you

Reference to the movie "Demolition Man"
Probably the youngest have not seen this film by the legendary Silvester Stallone, in which our dear "Rocky" plays the role of a policeman who was first frozen and then awakened in the distant future. In that future, among other things, he will learn that in the bathroom the classic toilet paper is no longer used but three shells (exactly how shells are used to clean themselves has never been revealed). In the game, also set in the future, there is a very clear reference to this fact, you can see it in this video.

Reference to the movie "Fight Club"
Another great big movie mentioned in the game. In the men's room at The Hive, there is a data pad that gives the door code to the room and also says that someone broke the first rule of never talking about what is going on in the basement. The message is signed T. This is a very clear reference to the Fight Club movie.

Poster di Final Fantasy XXVII
Yes, you got it right, it's Final Fantasy 27! Upon entering Pritchard's office, look near the motorcycle and you will see the poster announcing the 27th installment of the series. You can see it in this video. Obviously at the Square they are really determined to continue ...

Reference to the film "Robocop"
You know Robocop for sure. In the game, in the Detroit Police Station, there is a cop sitting behind a desk talking to a colleague from the film. And what's the name of the seated policeman? Alex Murphy, which is exactly the name the cop had in the film before he became Robocop.

Soundtrack of the first Deus Ex
Those who have played the first fantastic chapter of this series cannot but remember it. In the course of the game you should find the gramophone you see in the video I'm about to link, playing it you will hear the music of the Paris Cathedral level in the first Deus Ex. Here is the video. Not enough, there are also other objects that will make you listen to other pieces of music always taken from the first chapter. Here is a radio playing another great piece.


And have you noticed something similar? If so, feel free to use the comments to report, I'll be happy to add it to the list.

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