Deus Ex Human Revolution - The complete list of passwords for computers

Deus Ex Human Revolution - The complete list of passwords for computers

All computers with no more secrets.


If you are playing Deus Ex Human Revolution (and if you are not yet sprawled under some umbrellas I am sure you are playing it) you will have noticed that A multitude of computers are scattered throughout all levels of the game that require a username and password for access.

How nice would it be to have a complete list of all these passwords to be able to access any terminal without problems? Well, this is a great day because the list is there and as always Resources4gaming could not fail to pack it for its beloved readers.

Before leaving you to the list, I remind you that another useful list is available, that is the one of the codes to open all the doors, you can find it at this address.

Computers (as you will see from the list) are so many. We have tried to classify them as best we can, but there are several in the same area as well, so sometimes it may be necessary to make several attempts to see which password works on the terminal in front of you.


Sarif HQ

    Sarif Industries F2 - Username: fpritchard, Password: nuclearsnke Sarif Industries F3 - Username: user, Password: eclipse Sarif Industries F3 - Username: ajenson, Password: mandrake Sarif Office - Username: amargoulis, Password: gsspgirl Factoring Lans F1 - Username: doutchman, Password: windmill Admin F2 - Username: fmarchand, Password: factotum Admin F2 - Username: gthorpe, Password: hydro Admin F2 - Username: rmccauf, Password: hvywethr Admin F2 - Username: sgrimes, Password: ovid Admin F2 - Username: tcaldwell, Password: heel Admin F2 - Username: mross, Password: lions Admin F2 - Username: fbrooks, Password: tipple Admin F2 - Username: vclark, Password: tigers Admin F2 - Username: cparker, Password: zinc Admin F2 - Username: mlatona, Password: redwings Admin F4 - Username: jthorpe, Password: Hydra Factoring Labs F1 - Username: doutchman, Password: windmill


    Jensen's Apartment Lobby - Username: sterhorst, Password: queenbee Apartment 3 F2 - Username: docta, Password: atcod Apartment 3 F1 - Username: omalley, Password: trojan Police Department F1 - Username: bsterling, Password: investor Police Department F1 - Username: pdick, Password: lectrolam Police Department F1 - Username: jballard, Password: solemniré Police Department F1 - Username: jchampagne, Password: grimster Police Department F1 - Username: wgibson, Password: baronnull Police Department F1 - Username: rdeckard, Password: unicorn Police Department F1 - Username: hellison, Password: cordwainer Police Department F1 - Username: bbethke, Password: maverick Police Department F1 - Username: pcingan, Password: minded Police Department F1 - Username: mfrezell, Password: sweetheart Police Department F1 - Username: whass, Password: catharsis Police Department F2 - Username: fnicefield, Password: patriotism Police Department F2 - Username: cleboeuf, Password: dasteer Police Department F2 - Username: rpenn, Password: apophenion Police Department F3 - Username: cwagner, Password: fuckface Police Department F3 - Username: fmccann, Password: solanum Police Department F3 - Username: jalexander, Password: basileus Police Department F3 - Username: bgum, Password: justicar Police Department F3 - Username: guest, Password: password1 Police Department F3 - Username: amurphy, Password: thighgun

Fema Camp

    Fema Yard F1 - Username: wks0012, Password: ntlec59 Fema Yard F1 - Username: spaxxor, Password: neuralhub Fema Interior B1 - Username: spaxxor, Password: neuralhub Fema Interior B1 - Username: spaxxor, Password: neuralhub Fema Interior B1 - Username: wks0010, Password: by the way Fema Interior B1 - Username: lbarret, Password: bullskull Fema Interior B3 - Username: spaxxor, Password: neuralhub Fema Interior B3 - Username: spaxxor, Password: neuralhub Fema Interior B3 - Username: wks2011, Password: crrctions Fema Interior B3 - Username: wks3021, Password: hmldsec1 Fema Interior B3 - Username: wks4145, Password: hmldsec2


    Hung Hua Hotel - Username: msuen, Password: oleander Alice Gardens Pod 1 - Username: asgarden, Password: rbbthole The Hive - Username: bbao, Password: Vanguard The Hive - Username: wbees, Password: paperfan

Tay Zong Medical

    Pool - Username: poolrm, Password: pelagic F1 - Username: lgeng, Password: gehong F3 - Username: zarvlad, Password: muonrule F3 - Username: rkumar, Password: outback F4 - Username: nemuni, Password: ironfist F4 - Username: tymmf, Password: ebrain F4 - Username: sex, Password: pangutym


    F3 - Username: mwells, Password: washed me F3 - Username: jricard, Password: macro F3 - Username: atresman, Password: skylark F3 - Username: sbernard, Password: dumbass F6 - Username: jkenney, Password: Mont Royal F6 - Username: dgassner, Password: oneida Restricted Area F1 - Username: pcorbo, Password: spitfire Restricted Area F1 - Username: bshupper, Password: widget Restricted Area F1 - Username: jchapman, Password: diode Restricted Area F1 - Username: jchapman, Password: diode Restricted Area F2 - Username: mass, Password: skunk Restricted Area F2 - Username: bnorthco, Password: sterling Restricted Area F3 - Username: he went, Password: titom

Detroit Convention Center

    F3 - Username: wtaggart, Password: marjorie


    Territory B1 - Username: zhengl, Password: hirollr Territory B2 - Username: ttong, Password: mirrshds

Hengsha Seaport

    Porto F2 - Username: prmtr01, Password: collosus Porto F3 - Username: how, Password: mainman

Omega Ranch

    F1 - Username: dfalk, Password: topfrag F1 - Username: eblake, Password: hndstuth F1 - Username: dabblett, Password: monastic F1 - Username: ogomez, Password: techsmex F1 - Username: lmorano, Password: morpheus F2 - Username: aoconnor, Password: keppler F2 - Username: pwalts, Password: ruckus


    Port of Entry - Username: kathys, Password: mssinghme Landing Pad - Username: amelie, Password: lstforever Hyron Project - Username: hualing, Password: iwntlove Hyron Project - Username: daiyu, Password: frgottn Hyron Project - Username: marilyn, Password: yyyyyy Tower - Username: isabella, Password: rhemmberme

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