Dishonored - Beat the game without killing anyone [Clean Hands / Low Chaos]

Dishonored - Beat the game without killing anyone [Clean Hands / Low Chaos]


Critics and gamers all seem to agree that Dishonored is a great game. It is one of the very few games that, while offering the possibility of killing, can be completed from start to finish without murdering anyone.

Completing missions by non-lethal means will certainly limit your options, but it will also show you one of the game's two endings (low chaos, the more difficult) and also allow you to unlock what is arguably the most challenging achievement / trophy :

Clean hands - Complete the game without killing anyone

In this guide we try to give all the possible tips to succeed in the enterprise of finishing the game without killing even a single enemy.

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Non-lethal campaign, Stealth - Low Chaos
Not killing anyone basically means not being seen. The warning system works like this: on the head of each enemy there will be icons in the shape of lightning; these will initially fill up with white when your opponent has been attracted by some of your moves, noise or simply if he is suspicious; if you fail to hide and bring back the normal alert level the lightning will turn red and the enemy will attack you.

To get the result, always remember that all characters count: the enemies in the tutorial, any NPC and even the mission objectives, you don't have to kill ANYONE. Regarding the latter, your task will be to take them out, but you will still have to find a way to put them out of the game without cracking them (in the game just look for alternative solutions by talking to the other characters). Fortunately, however, the alarms are allowed, so if you are spotted and also attacked by enemies try to sow them and lose your tracks, this will not prevent you from obtaining the result.


Silence is golden, the moves to use to be invisible
When you move you will have to stay as low as possible to limit the noise. When you manage to get close enough to an enemy always remember to use the non-lethal attack that puts the fetentone to sleep. Also be careful to hide the body where it cannot be found, such as shaded areas or garbage bins, this will save you a lot of trouble.
When you move, do it calmly and always inspect your path by peeking from the corners to avoid being discovered. Higher paths are generally safer, so use the Translation skill to climb buildings, ledges, and anything else that can keep you out of sight of enemies. Use the skills I recommend below to discover alternative routes and locate the guards.


Different paths to success, the easiest way is also the most dangerous
One of Dishonored's most successful features is the vast choice of path to take. Constantly look for secondary routes to get around the guard posts. These alternative paths on several occasions will make you meet other characters that will help you go unnoticed.
Reading notes or notes and listening to conversations could help you discover safer routes or learn new, non-lethal techniques. Always keep your eyes and ears open.
Don't be in a hurry, whoever succeeds in this feat will undoubtedly have completed a long game. Calmly inspect your surroundings and forget about running with your head down. Constantly save your game using different slots.


Skills and equipment recommended to be silent

Translation. Upgrade it first, it doesn't require many runes. With this skill upgraded to the maximum, the teleportation distance will increase and you will be able to reach higher and safer places.

Dark Vision. This is also crucial. It allows you to see through the walls the position of the enemies and also to control their field of vision, you can not help it to be invisible.

Possession of. By developing this skill you can control rats or fish to reach otherwise inaccessible places, or you can have guards to get them out of your way.

Agility. Bring it to level 2 you will need it when, once discovered, you have to escape and sow the enemies. With this skill to the max you can also jump higher and reach otherwise inaccessible places.

Invisible Death. It is not as fundamental as the others, but if you develop this skill you will save yourself a lot of time as once you kill the bodies of the enemies they will disappear and you will not have to worry about hiding them.

Crossbow and narcotic darts. You won't be able to kill enemies, but with these darts you can put them to sleep making things a little easier. Basically it is the only weapon you can use so make sure you always have a good supply of this ammo. Upgrade the crossbow as much as possible, so that you are always sure to place the narcotizing bolt straight on the target.


100% Stealth video solution
Finally, I leave you the link to a video solution that shows all the missions of the campaign played with the "Low Chaos" approach, therefore without killing anyone and remaining as invisible as possible. Here is the link: Stealth Dishonored complete video solution


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