Dishonored - Guide to finding all bone charms

Dishonored - Guide to finding all bone charms


Exploring the world of Dishonored in the guise of Corvo you will sooner or later come across the various collectibles scattered throughout all levels, among which there are also Bone Amulets.

Finding and collecting these special amulets will come in handy as they grant bonuses on the character's abilities. To find the Bone Amulets you can use the heart that indicates the position of the various collectibles near your location, but considering that some Bone Amulets are very well hidden you will not mind having these videos available that show how to take all the Amulets . Good hunting!

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Bone Charm Location in "High Overseer Campbell"

Location Bone Amulets in "House of Pleasure"

Location Bone Amulets in "The Royal Physichian"

Location Bone charms in "Lady Boyle's Last party"

Location Bone Amulets in "Return to The Tower"

Location Bone Amulets in "The Flooded District"

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