Disney: Added the red dot to classics like Dumbo and Peter Pan

    Disney: Added the red dot to classics like Dumbo and Peter Pan

    The day will come when the “cancel culture” will end its victimization, but this is not the day (read it with the voice of Pino Insegno, imagining the face of Aragorn). On its own streaming platform Disney +, the American entertainment giant was forced to brand with a red dot some of his greatest classics: Dumbo, The Aristocats e Peter Pan. Disney therefore banned children with age under seven, as guilty, the aforementioned classics, of conveying harmful and even racist messages. Here, then, that Dumbo and the other two works mentioned have been eliminated from the Disney + section dedicated to children, becoming instead visible for adults, with the addition (in addition to the red dot) of a note that reads:

    [These films] They include negative representations and / or denigrate populations and cultures. Rather than removing this content, we want to recognize its harmful impact, learn from it and stimulate debate to create a more inclusive future together.

    The new moral conduct of Hollywood has therefore given birth to this new operation of historical revisionism (or reinterpretation) of the greatest Disney classics. In Dumbo the i verses of a passage which, apparently, can be perceived as offensive to the African American slaves who worked on the plantations. The offending lines of the song are the following: “And when we get paid, we throw away all our dreams“. Peter Pan on the other hand would be guilty of having denigrated Native Americans calling the members of his tribe, Tiger Lily, with the name of "Red Leather", a term also considered offensive. Finally, the caricature Shun Gon (the Siamese with big teeth and almond eyes) would have offended the Asian people.

    Not being able to advise you to ignore this umpteenth madness, before closing we remind you that the new trailer for the Disney animated film has been released Raya and the last Dragon. We also analyzed the news coming in February on the platform. The Disney + subscription streaming service (here the official website) allows you to subscribe at the cost of 6,99 per month or, paying in a lump sum, 69,99 euro per year, saving over 15% on the basic cost. Remember to enjoy these masterpieces, whatever the stamp with which they were marked, for the good of all.

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