DJ Hero 2 Achievements [360]

DJ Hero 2 Achievements [360]


Here is the Xbox 360 Achievement List of Dj Hero 2

    Keep Rising (10 ): Reach grade 10 in Xbox LIVE Battles. The Quickathlon (30 ): Set up and play a 10 mix setlist in Quickplay, earning at least 4 stars for each mix. You Want Some? (10 ): Complete 30 Xbox Live Battles. Battle Star Spectacular (35 ): Win 50 Xbox LIVE Battles. Scratching The Itch (20 ): Successfully perform 25,000 scratches. Fades Of Fury (15 ): Successfully perform 20,000 crossfades. Battle Ready (10 ): Play all of the DJ Battle mixes. 1 Up (10 ): Beat a friend's score on any of the leaderboards. The Emperor (25 ): Win all the DJ Battle setlists in Empire mode. Freestyle Superstar (10 ): Get an A for Freestyling in any mix. Opening Act (20 ): Play your opening night in Empire mode. Upgraded (50 ): Reach grade 50 in Xbox LIVE Battles. En Sink? (3 ): Calibrate your DJ Hero Turntable controller. The Magic Number (3 ): Play a mix in Quickplay with another DJ and a Vocalist. Perfect Pitch (25 ): Hit 100% of the vocal notes in a mix. Mixtape Creation (10 ): Set up and save 3 setlists in Quickplay. Got ID? (5 ): Set your own Xbox LIVE Tag and Medal. Master Of The Empire (50 ): Complete DJ Shadow's setlist in Empire mode on Medium difficulty or above. Grand Master Of The Empire (75 ): Complete DJ Shadow's setlist in Empire mode on Hard difficulty or above. Supreme Master Of The Empire (100 ): Complete DJ Shadow's setlist in Empire mode on Expert difficulty. Rewind 4 The Win (20 ): Perform 4 720° rewinds in a single mix, on any difficulty level without dropping your multiplier. Go Crazy Broadway Style! (30 ): Perform vocals in every mix that supports them. Professional Face Removal (20 ): Win 5 Star Battles. Mama Said... (10 ): Win a Checkpoint Battle by knocking out the other player. The Bigger They Are... (15 ): Win 10 Xbox LIVE Battles against players of a higher grade. Accumulate! (25 ): Play Accumulator and win 10 mixes (or single mix Battles) with a streak of over 50. Like Bacon? (20 ): Play Streak and win 6 mixes (or single mix Battles) by a 20 streak margin. Chiggedy Check It Out (15 ): Win 10 Checkpoint mixes (or single mix Battles) by a margin of 3 check or more. Big Bad Boss (20 ): Beat all the employee DJs in Checkpoint Battles in Empire mode. Hero Feed Heroism (5 ): Play 5 mixes directly from Hero Feed Challenges. Bonus (25 ): Unlock all the Empire bonus mixes. Higher Education (10 ): Complete 6 of the 'New To DJ Hero® 2' Tutorial lessons. Me Like You Long Time (10 ): Apply 'Like' tags to 10 mixes and play these mixes in any game mode. Rise To The Challenge (15 ): In Empire mode complete 3 Setlist Challenges. Tappity Tap Tap Tappy (10 ): Successfully perform 50,000 taps. To The Left (15 ): Only crossfade to the left in all Freestyle sections in any mix. Six Spins To Win (15 ): Activate 6 rewinds in Show Me Love (Stonebridge Radio Edit) / I'm Not Alone. Super Streak (25 ): Get a 400 streak in I Will Be Here/ Speed Rail on Expert. Microphonical Magic! (20 ): Get a 200 vocal streak in any vocal mix. World Number One (25 ): Earn at least 3 stars in each of the mixes in the Tiësto Megamix. The Grandmixer (20 ): In Empire Mode beat DJ Qbert in each of his Battle Mixes. I Have The Power Decks! (20 ): Unlock all the Power Decks. Credit Is Due (5 ): View the game credits. Not All Avatars Are Blue (6 ): Play a mix with an Avatar as your DJ.

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    You're The Best! (16 ): Earn 5 stars for every mix on Expert difficulty. Hot Swedish Action (25 ): In any Battle, get an A for Scratching, a B for Taps, a B for Crossfading, and an A for Freestyling (ABBA). Thirty Three Without The Third (3 ): Earn 33 stars. At Least You Tried... (1 point): Fail to 5 star Galvanize on Expert difficulty. You're Golden (18 ): 5 star Galvanize on Expert difficulty. The Completionist (20 ): Earn 5 stars for any mix at all difficulty levels.

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