Doom Eternal - Guide on where to find all Mod Bots

Hell has been ready for days to host us in what promises to be one of the best Doom ever: let's talk about Doom Eternal, title of iD Software that takes us back to a riot of adrenaline, frenzy and lots of blood. So while you can enjoy our review on the title, we are covering the game with an endless list of guides, useful to accompany you throughout the game.

Let's talk about the today Mod Bot, of the robots present on the game map which, once met, will give you an upgrade module for one of your weapons: in this way you can vary your arsenal continuously (even during the game), thus passing from precise weapons to weapons with a strong explosive component. There are 12 Mod Bots in total, here is the list.

Mission 1: Hell on Earth - 3 Mod Bot

In this initial map we will find three Mod Bots: they will be on the linear path that will lead you to complete the mission, so you have little to worry about.

Mission 2: Exultia - 1 Mod Bot

On Exultia, the Mod Bot will be placed next to the large hand you will use to make a crater on the wall. In fact, nearby there will be a cave, and inside a sort of purple pond. At the end of the cave, you will find the Mod Bot.

Mission 3: Follower Base - 1 Mod Bot

The fifth Mod Bot will also this time on the game path: on the right side of the map, in fact, you will find it right at the end of a corridor.

Mission 4: Doom Hunter Base - 1 Mod Bot

At the beginning of the level, you will find it on the left side. Difficult to miss.

Mission 5: Super Blood Nest - 2 Bot Mod

In the fifth mission the Mod Bot will be located at the beginning of the level, impossible to miss. The second instead, you will find it in the path that will take you to the second energy room.

Mission 6: Arc Complex - 2 Mod Bot

While you are going to activate the first tower, the Mod Bot will find it on the path. The second, on the other hand, will be more hidden: a wall with a green mark (therefore destructible) will be the only obstacle that separates you from this third to last upgrade.

Fortress of Destiny - 2 Mod Bot

The last two Mod Bots will be located inside the Fortress of Destiny. To find them, you'll need to use two sentry batteries for each gate, so you can unlock them.

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