Dragon Age 2 Achievements and Trophies Guide

    Dragon Age 2 Achievements and Trophies Guide

    Dragon Age 2 Achievements and Trophies Guide The complete solution for all Achievements and Trophies


    Tips and help from Resources4gaming.com to unblock everyone the Goals and Trophies of Dragon Age 2

    General notes:

    • 50 Achievements and Trophies
    • About 40/50 hours to unlock everything
    • 1 full match + 2 partial matches required to unlock everything
    • No result depends on the difficulty you play
    • Highlighted in red the names that may differ depending on the version of the game owned (Spanish, UK or American)
    • Tagged with [LOST] results that may have been skipped and no longer recovered in the current game



    Once upon a time...
    Hear the beginning of your legend.
    This achievement / trophy is tied to the game's story and you will unlock it as you progress.


    Team up with a specific group of mercenaries.
    See tips for "Criminal"


    Team up with a specific group of smugglers.

    [LOST] When you arrive in Kirkwall you will meet Uncle Gamlen. After you finish talking to him, SAVED the game. Look for Anthenril to the north to ally with the smugglers or Meeran to the southeast to ally with the mercenaries. After doing so you will unlock this achievement / trophy. Now just reload your save and do the same for the other faction.


    Become a Kirkwall dweller.
    This achievement / trophy is tied to the game's story and you will unlock it as you progress.


    ACT 1

    Right of birth
    Discover your family's legacy.
    [LOST] After completing the main story quest "A New Home", you need to talk to your mother at Gamlen's house and then talk to your brother or sister to start the side quest, "Birthright". Travel to the old estate in Darktown and follow the road to the Vault. Once inside, loot the crates and you will find your grandfather's last will to unlock this achievement.


    Arcane Defender (Secret)
    You have sided with the wizards five times.
    See tips for "Mage Hunter"


    Mage Hunter (Secret)
    You have sided with the Templars five times.

    There are 7 quests throughout the game that allow you to take the side of the Wizards or the Templars. You must then join one of these two factions and fight alongside them in one of the 7 quests listed below. This means that you have to play the game twice in order to unlock these two achievements / trophies (once to tackle the 5 quests together with the wizards and the other to do it together with the Templars). Here are the 7 useful quests to unlock these 2 achievements / trophies:

    ACT I
    Wayward son
    Act of Mercy
    Enemies Among Us

    ACT II
    Night Terrors (side quest)

    On the Loose
    Best Served Cold


    Leave Kirkwall to explore the surrounding regions.
    This achievement / trophy is tied to the game's story and you will unlock it as you progress.


    Become a member of a Deep Road expedition.
    [Lost] For this achievement / trophy you need to pay 50 kings to Bartrand to join the Deep Roads expedition. Further exploration and quests may be required to achieve this. IMPORTANT! The "Friends of Low Places" side quest becomes available through a letter in Gamlen's house, if you have completed 50% of the missions in Act I. If you come across such a quest NO accept the loan from Dougal otherwise you won't unlock this achievement.


    Deep explorer
    Explore the Deep Paths.
    This achievement / trophy is tied to the game's story and you will unlock it as you progress.


    Cold Stone (Secret)
    Wrath Rocks defeated during the Deep Roads expedition.
    This achievement / trophy is tied to the game's story and you will unlock it as you progress.


    ACT 2

    Kill an undead terror.

    [Lost] Do this immediately upon returning from the Deep Roads expedition at the beginning of Act 5 because it will otherwise be inaccessible later on. If you spared Idunna's life during the Enemies among Us quest, you will find the letter on the desk at your estate. If Idunna is dead, it is necessary to interact with the Demonic Tome at the Chapel or Viscount Keep to start the quest. You need to find a total of 2 tomes (3 in Kirkwall and XNUMX in the Free Marches), unless you started your search through the second option then you will only need to find four.

    IMPORTANT: when interacting with tomes you MUST choose the option to destroy them

    After destroying all five tomes, travel to Darktown and enter the Evil Pit which is immediately to the left as you enter Darktown. Make sure you have a thief with you as you will need it to unlock a door. Continue inside the lair to find the Grimoire Fell, then prepare for battle. Interact with the Grimoire Fell and read it for attribute points. Now you will fight Xebenkeck and his minions. Come out winners and you will get the achievement / trophy.

    The following video shows how to unlock this achievement.

    {slide = Click to watch the video | closed | red}

    {/ Slide}


    What is that?
    Kill a varterral.
    [Lost] The "Blackpowder Courtesy" quest can be started from the desk in your estate at the beginning of the second act. After the dialogue with Viscount Dumar, go to Merrill's house and talk to her to start her quest. NOTE: She must be active in your party for you to start this quest. Then, travel to Sundermount and talk to Keeper Marrethari to start the "Honoring the Fallen" quest. Take the path to the far left of the Keeper to enter the Varterral hunting ground, where you can encounter the Varterral and then have a chance to kill him.


    A worthy rival
    Earn the respect of an important opponent.

    [Lost] Arishok's respect will be required before the end of the main story quest "Demands of the Qun". In order to get the maximum respect of the Arishok, it is necessary to make the following choices:

    - After completing the "Blackpowder Courtesy" you will speak with Viscount Dumar and then with Seneschal Bran in the Viscount's fortress. He will give you the "Offered and Lost" quest. Instead of leaving right away to complete this mission, travel to the Qunari camp on the docks and talk to Arishok. Choose the "Delegate Dropped" dialogue option to earn a great deal of respect.
    - In the quest "Offered and Lost" in Ser Varnel's refuge after killing him you will talk to Viscount Dumar. During this conversation choose the dialogue option “Don't hide it. He will know ”.
    - If you still have other things to do in ACT 2 DO NOT start this quest. Arishok's respect must be obtained before the end of this quest.


    King of the Hill (Secret)
    Defeat Arishok.

    During the quest "Demands of the Qun" you will find yourself in two different scenarios based on the completion percentage of Isabella's quest:

    - Completed 50% of the quest - Isabella will return and you will have to choose whether to fight to defend her or not. Here you MUST fight to defend it otherwise you won't be able to unlock the achievement / trophy.
    - 50% of the quest not completed - With Isabella out of the game Arishok will ask you how you want to resolve the conflict. Answer "On the battlefield" to face him in a head-to-head duel. All other options will not allow you to unlock the achievement / trophy.


    Influential friendships
    Meet Kirkwall's 4 Most Influential People.
    This achievement / trophy is tied to the game's story and you will unlock it as you progress.


    ACT 3

    Crowning a dream
    Seize the throne.
    During the quest "The Last Straw" at the end of the third act, you will find Orsino and Meredith in a heated debate. When you are given the opportunity to choose your side, you have to choose the Templars. This achievement unlocks after completing this mission.


    Complete Dragon Age II twice or once using a Dragon Age: Origins save.
    As per description. IMPORTANT! You will only be able to import a save from Dragon Age Origins if it is a completed game.


    Demon Slayer
    Find and kill an ancient personification of pride.
    For this quest you will need to find 3 scrolls which are all found in ACT 3. Once you have found these scrolls and performed the tasks indicated in each of them, you will unlock the diary entry "Awiergan Scrolls: Pride Unbound". Now you will need to head to the Hidden Dungeon in Darktown, marked on the map as Hidden Lair. It can be found in the northeastern part of the city, south of the clinic.


    Conqueror (Secret)
    Defeat Meredith, commander of the Kirkwall Templars.
    This achievement / trophy is tied to the game's story and you will unlock it as you progress.


    Kirkwall Champion
    Completa Dragon Age II.
    As per description. Complete the game's main story to unlock this achievement / trophy.


    Mass exodus
    Reach Kirkwall with a different character for each class. More games are needed.
    As written in the description, more games are required to unlock this achievement / trophy. In your second game to unlock "Arcane Defender" (or "Mage Hunter") you'll have to go beyond Kirkwall, so that's already one of the things you had to do. In the third and final game, to unlock this achievement / trophy, finish the Prologue and start ACT 1, obviously using the third of the 3 classes that you had not yet used in the 2 previous games.


    Dragon Slayer
    Kill a tall dragon.
    The quest where you can kill a High Dragon, called "Mine Massacre", can be started in the third act in two different locations depending on the quests you have previously completed. If you have previously completed the quests "Bone Pit" and "Inside Job", travel to the Hightown Market and talk to Hubert. If you haven't completed the above missions, travel to the Pit Bone to automatically start the mission. Kill the tall dragon to unlock this achievement / trophy.



    Recruit 4 companions in your party.
    This achievement / trophy unlocks as you progress through the story at the end of ACT 1 and cannot be missed.


    Earn the friendship of one of your mates.
    See tips for "Intellectual Tuning"


    Start a rivalry with one of your teammates.
    See tips for "Intellectual Tuning"


    Intellectual harmony
    Earn the friendship or rivalry of 4 companions.

    To unlock all 3 achievements / trophies (Friend, Rival and Intellectual Harmony) the advice is to make a Friend or Rival compango and then do the opposite with others 4. For Intellectual Harmony it is not possible to combine Friends and Rivals in the parts, but all 4 must be either Friends or Rivals. Keep these factors in mind when making a friend or rival companion:

    Gifts - Giving your partner a gift will lead you to Friendship (Read the gift guide)
    conversations - When you talk to a partner remember that what you say could lead them to Friendship or Rivalry based on their personality, even if they are not part of your party.
    Actions - When you bring a companion on a mission remember that he will be led towards Friendship or Rivalry also based on the choices you made in missiene.

    La guide to game characters and gift guide they can help you to achieve this


    Flirt with one of your mates to start a romance.
    This achievement cannot be unlocked until the "Blackwater Courtesy" quest is done in the second act. Do party members' quests, travel the estate overnight with them as a team, and then flirt with them (heart option).


    Complete a romance with one of your companions.

    As per description. General Tips:

    - All Companions can complete romance with men or women, except Sebastian
    - Visit your estate overnight to increase the chances of flirting with them.
    - Find out about living together, when there is an opportunity to do so
    - Choose one mate for the romance at a time to increase your chances of success
    - Give your partner specific gifts and complete their quests to increase your chances of success.

    Follow the guide dedicated to the love story with Merril for more details


    A favor as a friend
    Upgrade the armor of one of your companions.
    See tips for "I've got your back"


    I have your back
    Upgrade the armor of one of your companions to its maximum level.

    The easiest and fastest way to accomplish this is to do it in the "Birthright" quest which can be played with both Bethany and Carver.

    In order to start this quest, you need to talk to your mother and then to your surviving brother or sister in Gamlen's house after the quest "A New Home". When you arrive at the ancestral mansion you will find the Fereldan Girded Painting (for Carver) or the Heirloom Amell Protective Sigil (for Bethany). Collect it and you will unlock "Friend's Favor". For this achievement you will have to collect the remaining power-ups for the character for which you have already found the first one.

    Refer to the Guide to all armor upgrades for more details.


    Give a gift to one of your mates.

    The easiest and fastest way to accomplish this is to do it in the "Birthright" quest which can be played with both Bethany and Carver. In order to start this quest, you need to talk to your mother and then to your surviving brother or sister in Gamlen's house after the quest "A New Home". After entering the Vault, search all the chests and you will find Tobrius' Documents (for Carver) or a portrait of your mother (for Bethany). Give them the gift when you get back to Gamlen's house.

    Refer to the Guide to all gifts for companions for more details.



    Get your first crafting recipe.
    This achievement / trophy is tied to the game's story and you will unlock it as you progress.


    Master craftsman
    Craft all items from a single branch of crafting.
    The easiest way is to search for recipes for the Potions branch, as there are only 7 recipes (6 of which need to be searched).


    Find all the resources for creation.

    There are 12 different types of ingredients for creation, here they are listed:

    Potions ingredients

    Rune ingredients
    Dragon's blood

    Potions & Bomb Ingredients
    Deep Mushroom


    Enchant an item.
    Runes are divided into two categories: weapon runes and armor runes. Once you have a rune in your possession, you need to find a spellcaster! The caster can be found in Hightown during the first act, in the Deep Roads during the expedition, and in your estate from Act 2 onwards.



    Reach level 10.
    See suggestions for "Legendary"


    Reach level 20.
    As per description. If you want help leveling up quickly, follow the guide that explains how to exploit a game glitch for this.
    Dragon Age 2 Achievements and Trophies Guide


    Learn 2 class specializations.
    There are a total of 3 specializations for each class and they unlock each of the special abilities. Learn 2 of these specializations to unlock this achievement.


    Upgrade a spell or talent.
    In your character's leveling menu, where talent points are awarded, you will notice that large diamonds represent new skills that the class can learn. Alongside some of these new talents and spells, you will find smaller diamonds that indicate some upgrades to these abilities. Some of these updates can only be used after reaching a certain level, but just select one of the updates already available to get the result.


    Work as a team to perform a cross-class combination.
    In the combo, only 2 of the 3 available classes need to be affected. Some skills give you the ability to define a target and then perform a combo with other classes. This obviously becomes easier at higher levels, when you have a wider range of skills to choose from. You will then need to use skills to stun, knock down or weaken an enemy with the first character and then use another skill on this target with another party member of a different class.


    Master of Arms
    Master one type of weapon.
    You must obtain all the talents and related upgrades for a certain weapon.


    Spend a full year in Kirkwall without any member of the group fainting.
    In the game, an ACT corresponds to one year. It is easier to get this result in Act 3 which is the shortest of all but it shouldn't be difficult to get the result if you play on the lowest difficulty level. If you are in trouble, take Anders into the party and make extensive use of health potions to complete the objective.



    Have 100 sovereigns, or more, in your purse.
    It's a bit ambiguous (I think deliberately), but sovereign is the other name by which money is called in DA2. If you have done all the side quests and explored everything thoroughly you should unlock the achievement before giving away the money for the Deep Road expedition. Otherwise, if it has not yet been patched, you can take advantage of the glitch indicated in this guide
    Dragon Age 2 Achievements and Trophies Guide


    Church historian
    Find all 4 chapters of Brother Genitive's "Church History".
    [Lost] Chapters 1,2 and 4 can be found by visiting the chapel at the beginning of each of the 3 ACTS, so remember to do so to find them.
    Chapter 3 is only available during the "Following the Qun" mission during the second act. Arriving in the Chapel during this quest, grab it before the fight begins. You could also take it in the quiet moments of the battle but it will be quite difficult. If you can't get it before the cutscene starts, just reload the save. Follow the dedicated guide for more details.
    Dragon Age 2 Achievements and Trophies Guide


    Well informed
    Unlock 100 code entries.
    It may sound difficult but it isn't. If you explore well everything can be unlocked already in the first game within the first 2 ACTS. The voices of the code can be found by rummaging through the corpses, looking well in the surrounding environment (chests, bookcases, etc) and talking to the other characters.


    Treasure hunter
    Open 50 crates.
    As per description. Also for this reason you will not have particular difficulties in obtaining the result


    Darkness falls
    Switch from day to night on the map.
    As per description. Press RT on 360 (R2 on PS3) in the map to switch between day and night


    Visit 10 caves in Kirkwall and the surrounding area.
    If you also complete the side quests and those of the party members, if you explore the map well you will unlock it without major problems by the second ACT.


    During each year spent in Kirkwall, discover 3 secret messages from the Band of Three.
    Follow the guide to find the 9 messages (3 for each act)
    Dragon Age 2 Achievements and Trophies Guide

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