Dungeon Siege 3 - Story Track Guide (unlocks Master of Lore)

Dungeon Siege 3 - Story Track Guide (unlocks Master of Lore)

For all those who are so thirsty for knowledge

Are you ready to unlock the "Master of Knowledge" achievement / trophy in Dungeon Siege III? It will not be easy, we have to find 60 of the 70 story pieces scattered throughout the levels of the game. Resources4gaming.com in the person of your Nixty-one will try to give you a hand in the enterprise, drawing up a list with the position of all the songs.

Please note: The guide is based on the US version of the game, so some location names may differ, but you shouldn't have any problems anyway.

Let's go!

Bounty Notice

Pilgrim’s Road
As soon as you enter the first field where you will not find any enemies, the track is on a pole.

Rukkenvahl Lore: The Mournweald

Legion Chapterhouse
A book on a table in the room with Odo and Marten

3, 4, 5:
Lords of the Wild - Raven’s Rill - Remnants of a Fallen Empire.

Legion Chapterhouse
All three are in bookcases in the room opposite the previous one.

6, 7, 8:
Birth of the Legion - The Rukkenvahl – The Wanderers

Legion Chapterhouse
All three are located in bookcases upstairs in the main room.

Legion Law: The Causeways

Legion Chapterhouse
Always in the same area as the previous three, on a table covered with notes next to the entrance to the raised room.

Lescanzi Orders

Stormstrong Cavern
It's a note on a table. It is located in the room you will pass through to leave after defeating the boss.

Lord Gunderic’s Journal

Gunderic Manor
An open book in the center of the floor as you make your way to the North path.

12, 13, 14:
Lord Gunderic's Journal No. 24, 40 and 83

Gunderic Manor
All three are found on tables covered with notes in the north wing of the manor. No. 83 is found through the door that requires the password (you will find this out by opening the large bookcase in the northernmost room).

A Missive from Hugh Montbarron

Gunderic Manor
It is a scroll on a desk in the same room as the previous n ° 83.

The Headmaster’s Journal

Gunderic Manor
Found on a note-covered table in the west wing of the Manor, in the great room that opens after talking to the ghost.

17, 18, 19:
Coalfire Stones - Gunderic Manor: A History - Torn Letter

Gunderic Library of Arcana
You find all three on the note-covered table in the first room.

20, 21:
The Creator Gods - Children of the Swamp

Gunderic Library of Arcana
You can find them both in the bookshelves in the first room.

Lord Gunderic’s Journal 95

Gunderic Library of Acana
On a table with notes in the room next to the previous one.

The River of Souls

Gunderic Library of Acana
It is located in a bookcase in the room next to the previous one.

24, 25, 26:
The Heart of Nagog: Pagan Rituals - Scribbled Note - Artifacts of the Creators: Volume IV

Gunderic Library of Acana
All three are found in books open on the ground in a side room, the one to the west.

27, 28, 29:
A History of the Seck Resurgence - The Heroes Crypt: Part I - The Life of Merik

The inner Sanctum (Maniero di Gunderic)
You will find all three in bookstores.

Lord Gunderic’s Journal: Final Entry

The inner Sanctum (Maniero di Gunderic)
It is located on a table with notes.

Boris’s Orders

Pilgrims Road
In the small field that you cross time when you leave this area, in the same place where Boris is killed for the secondary mission "The Widow's Revenge".

32, 33, 34, 35:
Thief’s Letter - The House of Manx - The House of Montbarron - The House of Gunderic

East Forest
As soon as you enter the woods you will find a corpse right in front of you with "Thief's Letters". The next three will be found in the secondary quest that comes next.

Arakum Spiders and Their Kin

Upper Raven Rill’s Town Hall
On a table with notes.

Virsk Folklore: The Dakkenweyr

Upper Raven Rill’s Town Hall
Read the book in one of the prison cells.

Groundskeeper’s Journal

Heroes Crypt
It's a note on the floor of the room with the corpse of the crypt keeper.

The Heroes Crypt: Part II

Heroes Crypt
A book on a table in the side room next to the previous one.

Old and Faded Parchment

Heroes Crypt
Look for a note on a table.

41, 42:
The Azunite Church - Founder of the Faith: St. Elisheva

First Peoples Village
After defeating the boss of this area, you will talk to a missionary on the way out. Behind her on the ground are a book and a note.

43, 44, 45, 46:
Pillars of the Legion: Book 1, 2, 3 and 4.

Stonebridge Grand Chapterhouse
They are linked to the story of the game and you can't miss them.

The Goblin Renaissance

Stonebridge Grand Chapterhouse
Attention! This can be easily skipped. You will find it as a book above the floor immediately after finding the 'Pillar of the Legion: Book 4'.

Archons: Legends or Truth?

Stonebridge Grand Chapterhouse
It is located in a library in the small room that you cross before you find yourself again at the main entrance (East).

49, 50, 51, 52:
Peoples of Ehb - The Towns of the East - Glitterdelve Mine - Crypts of the Sacred Blood.

Stonebridge Grand Chapterhouse
All four are located in the bookshelves to the right and left of the stairway leading to the causeway.

Stonebridge Technology

Read the sign in front of the monument in the square (outside the Meister room).

Stonebridge: Government

Meister Hall (Stonebridge)
Book on a table in the central hall.

55, 56, 57, 58, 59:
History of Stonebridge, Volumes 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5

Meister Hall (Stonebridge)
All five are on shelves in the room where the Meisters are.

The Ketzlers of Stonebridge

Crypt of Sacred Blood (Stonebridge)
Go through the crypts you will find a modified "Automaton" in a cage. Enter the side room next to the switch that releases it, and you'll find an open book in the center.

61, 62:
Stonebridge: The Great Foundry - Iron Mongers Guild Charter

Great Foundry (Stonebridge)
As you enter the Foundry, there is a room to the side with a lot of tables scattered around. You will find these two passages as a book and a parchment.

Cyclops Workers Demands

Great Foundry (Stonebridge)
Not far in the Foundry you will go through a double entrance door, on one of the doors you will find a note saying not to feed the fire. There is a poster on the floor in the next room with this song.

Azunite Dispatch

Frostspire Mountain
You find it as a scroll on the wall in a camp that you will enter for the “Making an Entrance” quest.

65, 66, 67, 68:
History of Ehb - Kings and Queens of Ehb - Spy’s report: Jeyne Kassynder - Spy’s Report, Spire of Arunal

The Tumbledown Court (Glitterdelve Mine)
Three of these are in the north room, while the fourth is in the south.

Who is Azunai?

Spire Dungeon (See the Liberator achievement if you need help getting here)
After completing the Dungeon Siege quest, head to the East (East) cells of the prison. Go to the open cell to the north and go to the hole in the wall in the northeast corner. You will find the passage in this room like an open book on a table.

Report from Issachar

Chanel of Azunai (Spire)
As soon as you enter the bell tower, just before the first fight with Jeyne, there is an open book on the ground in front of the save point.

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