Easy money trick

    Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII: tricks to earn infinite money

    Easy money trick


    As our experience as gamers teaches us, money is never enough even in the videogame world. So let's find some way to earn a lot of money also in Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII. Obviously we are talking about exploits that could be corrected by a future patch on the game.

    Easy money trick

    Metodo 1: i Cactuars

    Here is a simple easy way to earn many Gil (the game currency) in Lightning Returns FFXIII. With this trick you can get to earn too 200.000 Gil in one hour about, without wasting precious time in the campaign and without having to progress very far in the game.

    To do this, go to the beach crossed by the monorail where, starting at 5:50 AM, Cactuars will almost always appear. You can freeze time, so you don't reach the end of the day at 6:00 AM. Keep beating Cactuars on the beach until they come. At some point, as with all monsters in the game, their extinction will come and they will not be born again, and you will have earned your 200.000 Gil and beyond.

    Tips for beating the Cactuars: Remember that these creatures are vulnerable to fire. In this sense, the pink dress of the main quest of the Colosseum of Yusnaan will come in very handy, with a Level 3 fire magic. Furthermore, you can lower their defenses on magical attacks and apply the element of fire to your weapons.

    Here is now a video that shows this trick in action

    See the Lightning Returns Final Fantasy 13 cheats sheet for more guides on this game.

    Metodo 2: la Lost Highway

    Another even more effective way to earn money is to go on the Yusnaan Highway (the "Lost Highway"). Follow the road until you find a broken-down abandoned car. Here, from 4:00 AM to 6: 00A, a "Dark Cloud" or a "Time Zone" will appear every 30-40 seconds with monsters constantly reborn.

    You can stop time so that the game clock does not advance, earning 10.000 Gil for each battle if you do it on days 1-11, or around 15.000 on days 12 or 13. This means that in a now you might get to also earn more than 1.000.000 Gil.

    Here is a video showing how to do it. 

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