Easy XP Guide

Destiny Level Up Guide [PS4-Xbox One-360-PS3]


Here are some tips and tricks to gain a lot of experience in a short time

Easy XP Guide

Crucible and Assaults
Obviously the most "profitable" ways to gain experience are completing Assaults and PvP matches. But for those who want to play solo and avoid endlessly repeating Crucible matches, here are some alternative ways to earn XP.

Before continuing a clarification: remember that in Destiny the experience is earned according to the principle of proximity. So you just need to be close to a companion who kills an enemy to share a part of the XP earned, without stealing them from your friend.

The sizes
The best way to gain a lot of experience in Destiny history is certainly represented by bounties. Check them carefully and prefer the ones that ask you to complete a certain number of games in particular modes. For this type of bounty it is not in fact mandatory to win, so you just need to complete the match to advance in the challenge and then reach the set goal which, in addition to XP, will also give you reputation along with the various bonuses that you can get by winning the game. Remember that you can also upgrade bounties to get new ones and gain more experience.
Please note: also remember that you will have to go back to the tower and talk to whoever assigned the bounty to get the rewards in experience and various extras.

Altar of Oryx
This location was mentioned in a previous guide dedicated to the accumulation of Glimmer (money) in Destiny. Obviously, the method is just as good for earning a lot of experience points, so follow the guide to earn money to earn XP quickly and easily.

The sword of Crota
Another good way to gain XP is found in the mission "Crota's Sword" on the Moon, during which you will get a powerful sword that slices enemies in one hit (except the Swarm Princes that appear at the end of each wave). Keep beating the enemies and the first two Swarm Princes. Let the third one kill you, so you can do it all over again and gain a lot of experience. Watch the video

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