Erica: the Sony exclusive lands on the Apple app store

Erica, debut title of FlavourWorks, is now also available on the iOS platform. The game is therefore no longer exclusive Sony, but from today it will be possible for you download it for free from the Apple app store to be able to play it more comfortably on yours iPhone e iPad, only to have to spend € 3,49 to be able to play the full adventure.

Presented and released during the Gamescom 2019, the game was made available immediately at a cost of only € 10, as much as a cinema ticket. From the beginning, the game was created in order to use the technology of PlayLink, designed specifically for the use of smartphones via the Companion App "Erica for PS4". With these bases we therefore assume that the transition to platforms that require the use of the touchscreen has been mostly facilitated.

As we mentioned, the title was created by FlavourWorks together with London Studio, and is one of the few titles today to take up the technique of Full Motion Video (FMV) within a video game. An interesting choice, especially for a first production, but which goes very well for a thriller like this, in which we will have to play the role of Erica, a girl intent on solving the mystery about her past.

If you have not been able to then play Erica on yours PlayStation 4 you can now recover it on your iPhone or iPad. At an even lower price you can therefore enjoy a very special experience based on your choices. It is an interactive film and as such it will not even last long, but you can have fun trying the different endings and the different choices to be able to take the different paths that you can follow and in which you can direct Erica during the course of the story. To find out more, we invite you to take a look at our review of the title which you can find here.

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