Exotic Weapons Guide

Destiny's Guide to Finding Exotic and Legendary Weapons [PS4-Xbox One-360-PS3]


Here are some tips for getting the best pieces of equipment in the game.

Exotic Weapons Guide

Exotic equipment includes the rarer and more powerful weapons that you can have in Destiny. Each piece is highlighted by the yellow color and unique design, the existing ways to get the exotic weapons are as follows:

  • deciphering a Legendary Engram (see Engram farming guide)
  • deciphering an Exotic Engram
  • Reward / Loot Incursions
  • exotic bounty award
  • buying from Xûr, Agent of the Nine
  • weekly night assault

Legendary Engrams can be obtained as rewards in Strikes, the Crucible and as loot from dead enemies, while Exotic Engrams are obtained from raids and the Xur vendor. While the raids are the main source of exotic equipment, you will have the possibility to obtain them also with the exotic bounties that will be randomly entrusted by Xander.

Another very interesting way to grab some unique weapon is the one involving the merchant Xur. Every weekend (Friday - Sunday) Xur appears in the Vanguard headquarters on the Tower, near the Crucible Quartermaster, on the left as you enter the lobby. Each week, Xur will have several Exotic items to offer that can be purchased by spending le Strange coins and of Grains of Light.

Coins are obtained as random loot, deciphering Engrams and are also given as a reward in the Crucible or Assaults. The grains of light are obtained every time you reach a new level after passing the 20th, which means gaining a lot, a lot of experience (follow the guide to the strange coins and the guide on how to find all the materials for more details).

Please note: important clarification for those who are trying to unlock the result "The exotic life". If you get a piece of equipment for a class / level you don't have, you won't be able to equip the piece and you won't unlock the achievement. In this case you will have to level the character of the required class, up to the required level and then equip the object to unlock the trophy.

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