F1 2019 - Review of the new simulation racing game by Codemasters

After a sensational year to say the least he has put on Codemasters on the top step of the podium in terms of quality, with F1 2019 the fundamental challenge lies in repeating itself, and in confirming itself among the brands dedicated to the best four wheels on the videogame market. This year the official racing game of FIA not only arrives well in advance of the usual launch window, but also doubles the fun with the inclusion of formula 2, another official competition taking part in this iteration. With some cuts of the superfluous, with solid confirmations and welcome additions, F1 2019 has particularly impressed us, resulting even more difficult than the older brother in terms of challenge but just as satisfying. Final exam days for young people, and final exam for Codies. Will they achieve praise? Let's analyze the game in detail.

Learn the Formula (1)

Even if the title is clearly aimed at making us experience the emotions of the championship F1 2019, when we begin our career we will be nothing more than newbies who, as expected, will have to do their job in the previous categories. Here, therefore, check the Official Formula 2, which will not only be playable in the appropriate mode by selecting it from the main menu, but it will be our tutorial in the first taste of the career of our avatar. In fact, the career mode will come to life when the Formula 2 season is almost over, and will make us experience the last three races of the season in a very "fictional" way, comparing ourselves with our own rival and with our teammate during the videos (clearly acts to the narration).

The track will certainly not be missing, and here we will be put to the test in three different situations - which we will let you discover for yourself - to win it and become category champions: the better our results, the richer and more noble the contract offers which will be entrusted to our manager Emma, ​​who will not waste time submitting us. There is clearly no lack of interaction with the press, which, like last year, will weigh our answers during the interviews, making us gain popularity, bonuses to spectacularity and sportiness, and will also make us give advice to the various teams of mechanics working on our car for any improvements.

Workstation and more

Once we have chosen our stable, we will have to deal with our dear old one again Workstation. For those who have not had the opportunity to play the previous title, know that it is our personal workstation inside the offices, a real headquarters from which to manage everything: here we are then managing all (and I mean ALL) the technical aspects of our car, the various strategies, research and development, up to the personal emails of the management and beyond and the choice of our rivals! However, we know that the real magic is thrown on the track, and it will therefore be essential to manage these aspects also from the pits during the various free practice sessions: during these we will study the best set-up on this track, the influence of atmospheric effects and manage the sets of tires available. However, the greatest work will be done (and this is one of the great returns that we mentioned at the beginning ed.) By carrying out the various programs during the tests, designed to familiarize us with the layout and to dose carefully power, tires and fuel.

Such sessions can also be simulated, but in addition to losing the real fun, we would benefit less from them in experience gains for the team. Clearly if you were to skip any of them you would not blame anyone, since very often they are repetitive enough to weigh down the experience. In fact, one of the biggest flaws of this F1 2019 lies in the timing: in addition to the uploads, more or less in the average, the time that the game requires is really a lot, and except to throw yourself headlong into the single modes in the general menu, enjoying a "short game and detachment" is practically impossible (then going to add up the great race time with that of all the other weekend activities, the time required is very high).

Hot asphalt

Not only for the excruciating heat that is accompanying the launch of the new Codies title, but the temperature playing F1 2019 will heat up in a short time. In fact, on a technical level, we are facing the new best car title dedicated to Formula single-seaters. Let's not just talk about the part dedicated to 4 wheels, where the upgrade was required and almost obvious, but finally it seems that a slightly greater interest has been shown in the reproduction of human faces and figures as well. Nothing that makes you cry for a miracle, but the improvements are clearly visible.

Among the most important leaps in quality, and let the study be praised, it concerns artificial intelligence: apart from a few rare gaffes, the drivers really behave as a human would do, avoiding collisions - perhaps interrupting the tightening of the curve while being overtaken - and not throwing themselves headlong into overtaking following a predetermined track. It goes without saying that with the improvements made, the approach of this title has this time unbalanced the hand of the "genre" almost totally in the area of simulation: after several tests varying the amount of active aids, experiencing the thrill of driving first with the pad and then with the steering wheel and pedals, the departure from the more hybrid / arcade approach seems almost definitive. Certainly a positive note, given the trend of recent years that has seen this genre of games more loved and appreciated by those who follow Formula 1, with arcade lovers who definitely throw themselves on other shores.

Precisely in terms of gaps, reconnecting precisely to this determining factor, the quality of the experience (and of the response of the commands) turns out to be clearly unbalanced in favor of those who control their car with a gaming wheel rather than with the trusted pad. For the latter, the only point in favor is the greater ergonomics to take advantage of the quick menu from which to manage energy and fuel. The experience of testing the title on PlayStation 4 (which is not even the most "suitable" platform, pass me the term) has therefore expressed its verdict: response, adrenaline, control, in a title that is anything but simple.

Car showroom

As we mentioned a couple of paragraphs ago, the eye also wants its part, and Codemasters left some small gifts in F1 2019, complete with a bow. Leaving aside - but not too much - the sumptuous work done by the Ego Engine 3.0 with its play of light of incredible caliber, here we are to take advantage of the scintillating photo mode, which in combo with a fluid replay management allows us to take breathtaking snapshots of our fierce challenges. Furthermore, from the main menu we can go into the real showroom, to be kidnapped and look at all the cars in the game from every angle. The ace in the hole, however, lies in everything that correlates with the modality multiplayer: in F1 2019, as in all competitive online titles that are respected, it earns its own section on pole, guaranteeing us not only the customization of our game tag, but also our driver and our car. If we necessarily wanted to find a discordant note on a visual level, it is there jarring lip-to-audio synchronization during the phases spoken in the videos.

The variables for online play are many, and they give us the most complete availability: whether you are ready to participate in a league or if you want to take the hand against the players in the ether with simple grand prizes, the choice is yours alone ... but if you want to have a classy feast and adrenaline, you will find everything you need in the section F1 eSports!


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