Fiat Centoventi: the heir to the fully electric Panda

Fiat Centoventi, the new Panda is coming, but totally electric. The Geneva Motor Show has opened its doors, at least for the press, and new products and concepts from the automakers have been unveiled. Among the announcements, that of the Concept Fiat Centoventi has created havoc. The small Spanish city car anticipates what could be the next Fiat Panda.

An electric Fiat Panda in 2021?

The future of cars is electric. Those who doubt it may change their mind. The Geneva Motor Show is focusing on electric vehicles, and it is the latter that attracts the most attention, such as the SEAT el-Born, the first electric car from SEAT, recharges in 47 minutes.

This concept car from Fiat is surprising, especially since we weren't used to seeing Spanish cars in this field. Fiat Centoventi it is an electric vehicle. It was unveiled on the occasion of the brand's 120th anniversary, as the name indicates in Spanish. It is 3,68 meters long and demonstrates what the next one might look like new Fiat Panda.

Fiat Centoventi… it is also cheap

Of course, as with any future Fiat Panda, prices should be affordable. For its concept, Fiat therefore imagined future production in a single finish to reduce costs. Unlike the Renault, Fiat has not decided to rent the batteries but to segment them into lithium-ion battery packs, whose unit capacity has been calculated so that the Centoventi can cover about 100 km.

The batteries, produced in collaboration with Samsung, are modular to facilitate maintenance and replacement. Several options will also be offered, with a range ranging from 100 to 500km, depending on your needs. Depending on the use of the car.

The customer also remains the choice of the "4U", which refers to a choice of four different roofs, four different bumpers, four different wheel choices and four exterior finishes.

Same philosophy inside, with many removable elements, from the glove compartment, to the cup holders, through the front passenger seat. The latter can be removed and replaced with a seat holder, a bag for carrying a pet or a cooler. At the rear, the seats can of course fold down for a larger trunk.

The dashboard also adapts to the wishes of the users. Customers of the entry-level models will be able to place a smartphone or tablet in a dedicated slot that adapts to the format of the terminal. On higher-end models, a second screen will complement that of the odometer.

Fiat has unveiled a prototype that combines ultra-customizable design and range that adapts to the user's needs. From a distance of 100 km, this Panda of the future can accommodate additional battery elements and thus travel up to 500 km.

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