Fifa 11 - Guide and tips to win online

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Fifa 11 - Guide and tips to win online

The guide to getting strong in multiplayer


Guide written by FIFA Lower in the FORUM

Hi all guys, I state that this is the first time that I am going to write a similar guide, I hope it will be useful for someone and I thank the staff of in advance if they want to publish it on the site.

In this guide I will not reveal the definitive trick that will make you win all your online games (I don't think it exists), but I feel I can give you some tips that will allow you to increase your win percentage (mine currently hovers around the 80%). Some tips may seem obvious to the more experienced, but I also write (and above all) for beginners, so they should be mentioned.
When reading the guide, keep in mind that the writer plays ranked Head-to-Head games. Let's start!

Which team do I choose?
If you want to win (and I intend to win as much as possible) you will have to settle your football faith for a moment and choose the team that can give you the best chance of winning. The advice I'm about to give you obviously is always valid, regardless of the team you take, but keep in mind that in Fifa 11 the team makes the difference, so if you want to use a Serie B team, go ahead, but know that you will start at a disadvantage and this it won't help you win. After hundreds of games I can say that the most used teams (which are also the most difficult to beat) are:

Manchester United
Real Madrid

The first advice is therefore to choose one of these just listed.

You also win from the bench
Many (myself included) don't want to waste time tweaking lineups and tactics and prefer to jump into the field using the default team offered by the CPU. But remember that nothing must be left to chance to win. Adapt the formation to your style of play: if you prefer to free yourself from the side and then cross then put two fast winger in midfield and a high and strong striker head in attack. If, on the other hand, your attackers are fast then you abuse both low and high through balls. I just said some pretty obvious things and there are endless other strategies to use, the really important thing is that you have the right team for your way of playing.
In my opinion, the most balanced form is the 3-5-2: excellent coverage in midfield, two outside players free to move and cross and two strikers ready to strike. The 3 defenders may seem few, but follow the next tips and you will not even notice that there are only 3.

DEFENSE - First of all, do not take Gol
The defensive phase is often underestimated and many limit themselves to suffering defenseless goals from the opponent, concentrating on making more than him. It does not work like that. Work well on the defensive phase and you could become almost impenetrable. At that level, the goals will be taken anyway, but they will be very few and consequently your chances of winning will drastically increase.
- Avoid tackles (slide)
Much better to use contrast (with A on 360, X on PS3) for a long list of reasons:
the player remains standing and not lying on the ground remaining cut off from the action, reduce the chances of committing a foul and therefore of being warned or even expelled, you will be more precise and effective in the intervention and if the tackle succeeds you can immediately restart the ball at the feet.
- Use the defenders only as a last resort
Read well because it is the most important advice of the guide!
They caught you off guard, the opposing team has the ball in midfield and between them and your goal there is only defense. The best know that in a similar situation you should not throw yourself with the defender to counter, because if the attempt is unsuccessful the opponent will have the road cleared towards the defenseless goalkeeper. So many take control of the defender and wait for their midfielders to return. I ADVISE YOU TO DO THE OTHERWISE. Take the nearest midfielder and chase the ball carrier from behind. You will reach him immediately because being without the ball he runs faster than the opponent who carries the ball with him. Use tackle and you might as well blow the ball off his shoulders. If the opponent is smart enough he will realize that you are about to catch him and most likely he will switch to a teammate, but whatever he goes to do he will always find himself with the full defense lined up in front of him. Take advantage of this advice and abuse it, if you don't already use it you will come back to thank me. Obviously, avoid using it near your penalty area where it is too late to try to return with the midfielders and where the opponent feeling threatened instead of passing can also decide to kick on goal.
- Fast central defenders
Many players use the high through ball to override the opposing defense and send their fastest striker into the goal. If your central defender is slow it will be a massacre. Take this into account when setting up the defense.
- The art of waiting
You are controlling a defender and facing one-on-one opponent with the ball thrown into the net or into the cross zone. Use LT (L2 on Ps3) to wait for him, force him to make the first move and then counter while standing. Do not be in a hurry, but wait while always keeping between him and your door.
- Don't bullshit!
At high levels, strong players are just waiting to take advantage of your misstep, AVOID COMMITTING THEM! At the return with the goalkeeper NEVER pass rosoterra to a close teammate, in defense avoid as much as possible the passes from the outside to the center (if he is intercepted you will almost certainly score goals) but always use the band to get out, if a ball jumps in the area don't think about it and blow it away with the shot button.

MIDFIELD - Ball possession
Another fundamental thing is to avoid losing the ball as much as possible by giving the opponent an extra opportunity to score.
- Ball on the ground
Ground passes are much more precise and if done with the right timing they always arrive at their destination. Only use crosses near the penalty area to give an attacker a chance to head off. Attempting the high pass is fine, but avoid the high pass that hardly hits.
- Stop running
Many are in a hurry to get to the goal and have their finger constantly welded on the button of the race. ERROR!!! Run only when you have space in front of you otherwise it will be child's play for your opponent to steal the ball with a simple tackle. Advance slowly and calmly, only in this way will you have the opportunity to see the opponent who comes to mark you and to pass to a nearby partner (even behind if necessary). Repeat the action and you will be able to reach the cross zone or free yourself to shoot.
- Protect the ball with your body
When you receive a pass (unless it is a through ball) make sure to always put the body of your player receiving it between the ball and the nearby opponent, i.e. go into the ball and do not turn immediately to run towards the ball. brings. If necessary, pass the ball back and start again, always better than losing it.
- Don't be taken for granted
Try to displace the opponent. Often the obvious thing is also the most effective, but often it is also the one that is foreseen by the opponent and therefore more easily contrastabile. Change the patterns and don't repeat the same things over and over and be predictable. You are bringing the ball to midfield and your winger starts running on the wing to receive a nice through ball. You have seen it but your opponent will also have seen it, who takes no interest in you and goes to cover the outside who should receive the ball. Well, use his lack of interest in your favor and step on the ball instead of passing! Or, when you throw yourself on the flank alternate the times you go to the bottom to cross with those in which you turn sideways to go towards the center and maybe shoot. What will you do next time? Nobody knows, not even your opponent, and that's good.

ATTACK - It's time to score!
- Even from a distance
If you have enough space to kick with the right power and coordination, don't hesitate to shoot from outside the box as well.
- Use your head
If you have at least one skilled head attacker, use it by serving crosses. Press the button to shoot with the right timing and above all try to place it in the best possible position to hit the head while waiting for the cross to arrive.
- Raptor from the penalty area
Sometimes there are scrums in the penalty area, especially when the goalkeeper is not holding a ball. Try to take advantage of these occasions, repeatedly press the button of the shot, the paw can escape you win.
- One versus one
If you find yourself thrown towards the goalkeeper alone, keep calm. First of all try to understand if the goalkeeper goes out or stays between the posts. In the first case, the lob is an excellent solution (practice), or if you have no one nearby, swerve suddenly and speed past the goalkeeper who comes towards you, then shoot into the empty goal. If, on the other hand, it remains in the goal, kick it trying to angle the shot as much as possible, do not exaggerate with the power but give priority to accuracy.
- Free kick
Make the most of them. If you are very far from the goal it is best to throw the ball into the penalty area with a high cross. Avoid low passes, strong players take a second to steal the ball. If, on the other hand, you are close enough (the edge of the penalty area), kick. I have read the guide on this site (LINK) and it is well done, follow it if you don't already know how to do it.

GOALKEEPER - Only one rule: prudence.
- Don't risk it
I have already said it and I repeat it. Avoid closed passes from the goalkeeper to nearby defenders, unless the closest opponent is in or near midfield. In goal kicks it is always better to send the ball to midfield with a long throw.
- Between the goalposts is better
Only go out if you are sure you anticipate your opponent or get on him in good time. In one-on-one the goalkeeper is more effective if you leave him in goal (in fifa 11 he tends to parry impossible shots even from 2 meters).

- Practice is never enough
Practice is everything. Play as much as possible and the improvements will come. My advice is to practice directly online, even if the CPU offers a high level challenge, playing against human players is another thing so it is good to train against them.
- Keep calm
Even if you are two goals down at the start of the second half, the game ends in the 90th minute. Do not get anxious to score or despair and do not give up. To perform a goal action it takes a few seconds, try to make the most of all those you have available.

With this I think I have said it all. My guide is open, if anyone wants to add some advice I will be happy to insert it. I hope it will be useful to someone, thanks for reading.

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