FIFA 13 Objectives Guide [1000 G Xbox 360]

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FIFA 13 Objectives Guide [1000 G Xbox 360]


Here is the complete solution for unlock all achievements in FIFA 13. In this guide, the tips from to unlock all the achievements and get there ai 1000 G su Xbox 360.


- Bronze
Complete the Bronze level of all Skill Games
Here is one of the many new features of Fifa 13.
Now while you wait for a tie to load, you will no longer be in the arena, alone against the goalkeeper, but you will be pitted against skill tests, ranging from penalty, to cross, to volley, etc.
From the main Fifa menu select skill tests and start playing all 8 of them.
For the Objective you will only have to conquer the bronze in all the challenges.

- Legend of skills
Become a legend in one of the final challenges
For this result instead you will have to get the legend rank in a single skill challenge.
I succeeded in the dribbling test with Ribery; try all the challenges a bit and see what you are best with.
If you also choose the test I did it is important to be fast and not hit any obstacles, otherwise they will take away points.
Here is a video of the test:

- Practice makes perfect
Unlock a Final Challenge
To unlock a final challenge you will need to get bronze, silver and gold in a single skill test; I was really happy with the dribbling or cross test; the important thing is to get the 3 medals.

- Surprise punishment
Score on a free kick after taking a feint
You will need to take the duo free kick as explained in our FIFA 13 free kick guide and as shown in the video. In this way the first player fakes the shot, while the second player throws. To unlock the Goal you need to score. If you have a second controller you will do it in a moment as shown in the video below, as you can remove both the goalkeeper and the opposing barrier to shoot comfortably with an empty goal or almost. Do as in the video

- No way!
Save a goal on the line by sweeping
It will not be easy, but leave it for last because it is one of those results that can come on their own without wanting to continue playing.
To increase your odds, follow these instructions:
If you have two controllers:
do as in the video shown below. Set the player change to "Manual" in the options. This will prevent the CPU from changing the controlled player for you. Get yourself a free kick, move the goalkeeper away from the goal and hit while your player is positioned on the goal line. Make sure you block the shot with the player and the result is yours. Here is the video

If you don't have a second controller instead:
choose a team as weak and weak as possible and play against a very strong one (Real Madrid, Barcelona, ​​etc), then set the difficulty to maximum and remember to set the player change to "Manual" in the options. In this way you will avoid that the CPU changes for you the controlled player, this is important because you will have to always control the same player that you are going to always put on the goal line. Wait for the CPU to take the corner kick and hope that: the opponents hit the ball, your goalkeeper does not intercept it, the player controlled by you manages to block it. Yes, I know, it's much easier with two controllers.

- Unsurpassable wall
Repel a punishment by advancing the barrier
For this result you will have to advance the barrier without the referee noticing and hope that whoever takes the punishment will hit your wall.

- Body control
Score with a precariously balanced shot
For this result there are not many aids, you will have a good chance of getting it by playing normally (I unlocked it purely randomly), alternatively try to play with a player with low balance or with your player if you do not have it developed too much and follow the video to understand what the player has to do:

- Soft touch
Go past the goalkeeper with a lob
There isn't much to say; while playing a game, score the opposing goalkeeper with a lob and the Goal will be yours.

- Use your head!
Score with a diving header
Again, you will most likely get the Goal by playing normally, if instead you have difficulty in unlocking, select a strong head player like Gomez or Ibrahimovic, make a precise cross and let the player dive making him score with a head.
I unlocked it with Falcao which is not a monster in height compared to the giants like Carrol but has good shooting qualities.

- Use your physique
Protect the ball with your body all the way to the baseline to earn a throw-in
Just pass the ball to a defender and make him go close to a line of the court; at this point wait for someone to come and face you, protect the ball and follow this video.

- The road to promotion
Win a match in FUT Seasons mode
You can choose whether to play with your team online or offline, although the latter option is much simpler.
Advance through the calendar and play the game by winning it to unlock the Achievement.
Obviously, the lower the difficulty, the less rewards you will earn at the end of the game.

- Put some grit into it
Stop an opponent from reaching the ball and win possession
Simple enough to do, you just have to take the right moment; when no one is in control of the ball and an opponent wants to intercept it, you must make a tackle and take possession of the ball.

- 1 week
Win all EAS FC Match Day Matches of the Week in a single week
Here is another novelty of Fifa 13: the Match Day.
Everything that happens in the world of lob is reported in the match day, injuries, disqualifications, change of performance, morale, etc. is transported into the game and the commentary will vary according to what really happens to that team.
Go to the match day menu and select matches of the week.
Now you will have to play the 5 proposed matches, winning them all and the result will be yours.
It is not clear if it is mandatory to do them all in one game or if you can play them during the week, so I recommend playing it safe and playing the 5 games at once.

- Live!
Win an EAS FC Match Day Live Match
Select a live match from match day and win it to unlock the achievement.

- Get serious
Play 25 EAS FC Match Day games
For the Objective you will have to play (it is not necessary to win) 25 matches provided by the match day.
It is not known if the friendlies (kick-off) count or if it is necessary to play the matches of the week, it is confirmed, however, that it is not mandatory to play them all at once.

- Promoted
Earn a promotion in Seasons mode
This achievement requires you to play the seasons mode accessible from the main menu.
In this mode you will be playing against real people so all the results that you engage against other players will be quite tough.
But there is a sooooo valuable help called the EAS FC Catalog.
If you have a high enough level and have enough credits you can practically buy the entire result.
To get a promotion you need to earn 9 points and to win the title you need even 12.
To get both results without playing a single game you will need an EAS FC level of 32 and 9.000+ credits.
In this way, by buying the victories from the aforementioned catalog you will get exactly 12 points that will be necessary to win the division title as well !!
It is not certain, however, if the Objective unlocks if you win the promotion or the title without playing a single game, but trying not to harm ...

- Make space on the bulletin board
Win a cup in Seasons mode
This achievement requires you to be in cup season mode instead of season matches.
Cup matches are special competitions that are only accessible on certain varying times and days, so check often how many days are left before the tournament starts.
To see when it starts, go to the seasons menu and you can even see when it ends.
Unfortunately there is no help and for this result it is necessary to win 4 games in a row against other real players, so try your best and use the teams you are best with.
This achievement is probably the most difficult of the whole game.
Good luck !!

- Absolute debut
Play the first game with your online player
Play your 1st match with your virtual footballer to unlock the Goal.

- King of the division
Win a division title in Seasons mode
Here is a result that could put you to the test.
This result is similar to "Upgrade", only all 12 available points are required to win a division title, so you must win all available games against other real-life players.

- All for one
Contribute to the victory of a club
For this result it is necessary to play the seasons of the pro club.
It will be enough for you and your team (if you are more than 2 it is better, alternatively play with a friend of yours with whom you have a good understanding) beat another club and the result will be yours.

- Friends
Play a game in Seasons mode with a guest
This achievement requires you to play a seasons game with a friend locally.
This means that this achievement requires two controllers to unlock.
Just go in seasons and start the tie.
On the next screen, your friend with the second controller must enter as a guest.
It is not known if it is necessary to win the game and if the opponent should come out if the Objective unlocks anyway.

- Who starts well ...
Unlock 10% of the Challenges with your Online Player
Refer to the "Keep it up" result for more help.

- Keep it up
Unlock 25% of the Challenges with your Online Player
This achievement requires you to play pro club seasons and you will need a minimum of two people to do so.
In the pro club seasons, you will only use your CV (virtual footballer) and you can play against human players with CVs present in other clubs around the world.
To unlock the Achievement it is necessary to unlock at least 25% of all challenges for the CV; they vary from completing certain passes, scoring goals from a certain number of meters, making certain moves, scoring a certain number of free kicks, etc. if you complete them, your player will improve considerably and consequently unlocking the other challenges will be easier and easier.
There are roughly 311 total challenges for your CV.
You will receive the Objective when the completion counter reaches 25%.
You will certainly catch it naturally by playing a lot of games with the pro club, so don't dwell too much.

- Friends like before?
Win an Online Friendlies Season
Result obtainable only against a friend.
You will have to win the cup by playing all 5 available games.
As soon as you are crowned champions you will unlock the Achievement.

- Mr. Coach
Take control of your FIFA Ultimate Team
This result is very simple.
Just go to the Ultimate Team mode and complete the whole tutorial following the instructions.
You will have to play a starter game and when you are done, shortly after receive further instructions on how to create your own team.
Follow it all and the result will be yours.

- The taste of success
Win a trophy in a FUT competition
This achievement can be achieved both online and offline, but only in the ultimate team.
After you have taken over your team, you choose to play a tournament rather than a season.
The tournaments consist of 4 games and you have to win them all.
It is possible to look at what features each tournament requires, of course I recommend you to choose the simplest one as it does not require special requirements the difficulty will be the lowest.
Win all matches and the result will be yours.

- Build my club
Claim your first FUT Pack
This achievement requires you to buy a Fut Pack with Fifa Coins or Points.
Packs can be purchased from the ultimate team shop screen.
You will instantly unlock the Objective after opening the 1st package.
Of course, the best option is to purchase a standard bronze pack for 400 coins. Also keep in mind that free packs do NOT count towards unlocking the result.

- A peso d'oro
Buy a gold player at auction with the Buy Now option by spending at least 15.000 credits
To unlock the Objective you will have to buy a gold-class player at the auction, spending at least 15.000 coins.
Surely you will unlock it by playing the ultimate team, bearing in mind that gold players are worth a lot, the important thing is to spend more than 15.000 credits.

- I love this club
Reach a value of 85.000.000 for the club
This achievement requires a massive amount of dedication.
So, to get the Goal, your ultimate team value must reach at least 85.000.000.
This figure is not based on what you have spent to buy your players, but on the value of each card that adds up to the total value of the club.

- Promoted!
Earn the promotion in FUT Seasons
This achievement can also be achieved online or offline, but only in the ultimate team seasons. To get promoted in your first season you will need 10 points, which basically consists of 3 wins and a draw.
You will have 10 games to play and if you set the difficulty to easy it shouldn't bother you too much.

- King of packages
Open 50 FUT Packs
This achievement requires the purchase of 50 packs in ultimate team.
You can use a combination of coins and fifa points, the choice is yours alone.
The easiest way is to buy 50 standard bronze packs as they cost only 400 coins each; therefore 400 x 50 = 20.000.
So with 20.000 coins you can buy 50 Fut packs; as soon as you open the 50th, the Goal will be yours.

- Challenge accepted
Win a match against the Team of the Week
This result requires you to beat the active team of the week.
The team of the week is made up of a hodgepodge of players who have played very well recently in the last few games; so the team to beat will be made up of the best players of the moment.
For the Goal, set the difficulty to easy and challenge the team of the week; win the game and the result will be yours.

- Europe we come!
Activate the possibility to play in Europe in the first season of the Career
Before starting a new career while setting the name, surname, currency, etc. there is the option of being able to play in europe starting from the first season, select yes, do the draws and the Objective will be unlocked.

- Technical Commissioner
Become the manager of a national team
If you are playing career / manager mode, sooner or later you will have the opportunity to coach a national team, accept the assignment and the result will be yours.
Alternatively, from the Eas Fc catalog you can buy the possibility to be called to coach a nation after 12 August (you must at least have obtained level 4 in EAS FC), buy the option and wait for the call.

- The power of words
Convince your management to allocate additional Career funds to you
In career / coach mode, from the menu, you will have to select request additional funds and a screen will allow you to enter the amount you want; if they accept they will give you additional money, thus unlocking the Objective.
Personally, playing with Sassuolo I could not ask for large sums, so they only allocated 280.000 but for the purpose of the result it was fine.
I recommend that you request funds after having achieved at least the main objective that has been given to you, otherwise they will not pay you a euro.

- National pride
Get a call-up to the national team as a player
Start a career as a real player, making sure that the one you choose is already present in the national team, that is, opt for a player like Pirlo, Buffon, Abate, etc., who are sure they play and at some point get called up.
I recommend that you always play good games so that you can be sure that you are called.

- Market expert
Complete a Player + Money Deal in Career
This result may bother you, as usually the player you offer along with the money never cares about the team you contact.
I unlocked it by selling my strongest player in Sassuolo (Richmond Boakye) and in addition I offered 1.000.000 for Brazilian Alan from Salzburg and miraculously it worked.
Alternatively, watch this video:

- Impressive!
Reach one of the seasonal goals as a player at any point in your career
Play career / player mode.
To unlock the Objective you will need to complete one of the seasonal objectives that have been assigned to you.
To see which tasks you have go to the My Player menu and try to satisfy them all. I recommend trying to unlock the Achievement by playing on the easiest difficulty, in order to make the tasks less difficult.

- Great shape
Reach one of the Match Goals as a Player at any point in your career
Same speech as before.
To unlock the Objective you will have to complete the objectives for a game that have been assigned to you, I recommend that you try to unlock the Objective by playing on the easiest difficulty, in order to make the tasks less difficult.
To see which tasks you have go to the My Player menu and try to satisfy them all.

- Alter ego digital
Start your Player Career with a created Player
But of course.
Start a new career / player and as soon as you are given the opportunity to create a player, do it and you will unlock the Achievement.

- Pack your bags
Move to another club with your player, on loan or permanently, in Player Career
To achieve this it is necessary to be in the career / player and play as a professional, not as a real footballer.
I recommend getting a good team right away as this will increase the likelihood of being loaned or sold.
After some time you will be told that you have been placed on the loan or transfer list.
Over the next few weeks you will receive loan / purchase offers from a number of clubs, accept any offers you wish and the Objective will unlock as soon as you change clubs.

- Bargaining wizard
Sell ​​a player by convincing the CPU to accept your counter offer
In career / manager mode, when another club makes you an offer, you will have to offer them a counter offer, that is, a new sum (usually increased, because the CPU is stingy), if you are lucky they will accept the new proposal and you will unlock the Goal, otherwise they will say that the figure is too high.
Surely sooner or later you will catch him, you just have to find the right team; maybe you sell your strongest player, you are more likely to sell it with a counter offer.
Finally, remember that making a counter offer will earn you points for EAS FC.

- Maximum limit
Reach the daily XP limit in EA SPORTS Football Club
By entering the EAS Fc menu, you will see how many points you have collected during the day; to unlock the Objective you will have to take all the points available.
My advice is to play the career mode or, alternatively to be with a friend and play a lot of games, if you also win, you will also take the cup and therefore many other points useful for the purpose of the result.
Another method is to do the challenge, only if you complete it you will increase the daily limit and therefore you will have to play more to make up the difference in points.
I wanted to remind you that if you want to try your hand at the result you will have to do it in a single day of play, because the next day the points will start from 0 again, so make sure you have plenty of time available.

- EAS FC Primavera
Reach level 5 in EA SPORTS Football Club
Those who have already played Fifa 12 (like myself) last year will surely have obtained at least level 5; so as soon as you start the game if you have reached the level the Objective will unlock immediately, while those who have obtained Fifa 13 only this year, will have to start climbing the levels starting from 0.
To get points and go to the next level you will need to earn Eas Fc points, which can be obtained in many ways, such as doing challenges, playing online, playing career, doing skill tests, buying a player, beating a friend, etc.
Simply reach level 5 and the result is yours.

- EAS FC holder
Reach level 20 in EA SPORTS Football Club
Same speech as before, only the level to be reached is 20.
Personally, having already played Fifa 12 I have already passed level 40, so when I put Fifa 13 I took this too, however it is, you play a lot online and make a career, get busy with the challenges and in no time at all you will be at level 20.

- Difficult task
Complete an EA SPORTS Football Club Challenge
Fifa has already introduced challenges since last year; real matches where you will have to turn the tables and, if you win, you will earn a lot of points or credits for the FC.
Win a challenge (be careful because there is a time to these challenges, so check daily if they have new ones, otherwise if you can't make a challenge you will have to wait for them to put another one) and the result will be yours.

- Spender
Redeem an item with EAS FC Football Club Credits
To obtain this result, a video at the beginning of the game will introduce you to one of the many new features of this year: the Eas Fc catalog.
It is full of content, you can find balls, classic jerseys for various teams, boots and aids for career or online mode.
Simply buy something from there with your Football Club credits and the realization will be yours.

FIFA 13 Secret Goals

- In shape
Find a team of the week player in a pack
As per description. This result is related to the Ultimate Team mode and the only way to unlock it is to have luck to find a player of the team of the week in a pack, so it is totally random. Keep playing and sooner or later it will pop out.

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