Final Fantasy XIII-2 - Trophy List [PS3]

Final Fantasy XIII-2 - Trophy List [PS3]

Here is the list of Trophies for Playstation 3 of Final Fantasy XIII-2

Bronze Silver Gold Platinum

Consumer impulse
For your unparalleled propensity to buy.
Elite resourcefulness
For the resourcefulness you have shown in front of the enemy.
Critical superiority
For having cornered the enemy flawlessly.
Unstoppable audacity
For having surprised the enemy with incredible readiness.
Continuous fervor
For making repeated attacks while cooperating with the team.
War ecstasy
For continuing to fight and never backing down.
Historical strategy
For being able to promptly choose the best strategies.
Hunting excellence
For defeating numerous enemies.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Secret Trophies

Omen of rebirth
For you who have been able to glimpse the way in a twisted world.
Travel without limits
For you who have embarked on an extraordinary journey beyond space and time.
Dream of tomorrow
For you who have visited the land of those looking for answers for the future.
Distant reminiscence
For you who have visited the land of those who have saved many destinies.
Defy the threat
For your determination to fight to save the world.
Proof of truth
For the security you have shown where the truth is hidden.
future promise
For the resolve with which you gave up ephemeral dreams to save the future.
For you who have traveled great distances with chocobos.
Winning utopia
For you who have made amazing casino winnings.
Crimson frieze
For having faced a fearsome enemy with unspeakable skill.
Cerulean frieze
For having faced a fearsome enemy with indescribable fury.
Diaphanous frieze
For having faced a fearsome enemy with unparalleled impetus.
Instant victory
For you who have obtained 5 bonuses with instant actions.
Extradimensional vision
For you who know all the riddles of paradoxes.
Ruling order
For the prodigious skill with which you obtained a category of fragments.
Absolute perfection
For having developed their potential to the maximum.
Winning intransigence
For having defeated all the most imposing enemies.
Final saving
For you who have lived this adventure until the last moment.
Supreme liberation
For the extraordinary success with which you have obtained all categories of fragments.
Colossal impact
For dealing 99.999 damage to the enemy with a single attack.
Sum coalition
For having established a perfect alliance despite the difficulties.
Proud warlikeness
For having triumphed over the enemy with pride and loyalty.
Total affirmation
For saving the world by proving that you are worth the most.
Time Master
Collected all available trophies.

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