Final Fantasy XV: which skills to unlock first? [PS4 - Xbox One - PC]

Final Fantasy XV: which skills to unlock first? [PS4 - Xbox One - PC]


In this guide we see how Final Fantasy XV's Ascension skill system works and which are the best skills to unlock first.

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The system of character development through learning new skills of Final Fantasy XV is called Ascension.

This is made up of nine pages that divide the skills into categories and that go to form what could be considered as real skill trees. As in other games that use this type of system, even in Final Fantasy XV you can decide to take different paths, based on the characteristics you want to give to your characters, but to get to a certain advanced skill it is always necessary to unlock some basic ones. connected.

Below we list which skills you will need to consider before others, because they allow you to get more Skill Points through certain activities and are therefore important to improve your party as quickly as possible.

Here are our recommendations with the name of the skill, the AP cost and the page where you can find them:

  • Air Pulse (6 AP, Combative): allows you to take a step in mid-air which can be useful for continuing combos.
  • Preliminary Analysis (6 AP, Synergic): at the beginning of the battle, scan the characteristics of the enemy.
  • War signal (6 AP, Synergic): at the beginning of the battle he launches a firearm attack against the nearby enemy and favors the preparation of his own auxiliary techniques.
  • Crucial Reflex (6 AP, Synergic): Unleash a powerful Greatsword counterattack to intimidate the enemy.
  • Efficient Dexterity (8 AP, Combative): Decreases magic energy consumption when defensive.
  • Powerful crossing (8 AP, Synergic): Increases damage dealt with cross attacks. These are already very powerful attacks and further enhancing them can only be useful.
  • Mowed Source (8 AP, Techniques): Attack with the Greatsword to hit an enemy heavily.
  • gathering (8 PA, Techniques): rebalances the team with a quick recovery of vital energy and saving from the "crisis" state.
  • Vital scale (10 AP, Parametric): Increases the team's life energy based on the duplicated level.
  • Regenerating shelter (10 AP, Healing): Speeds up the recovery of life energy and magic when taking cover.
  • Double Accessory (16 PA * 3, Parametric): allows you to unlock a second slot for accessories. Very useful with the right accessories.
  • Elementalist (18 AP, Techniques): Infuses Noctis' weapon with the elemental power to which the enemy is weak, facilitating more powerful attacks. It has a Technical Cost of 1.
  • Enabling camping (20 AP, Patrol): Increases the amount of AP obtained by camping. Subsequent related skills are also useful.
  • Enabling Occultism (24 AP, Magic): Gain AP when casting an elemental spell.
  • Powerful Projection (24 AP, Combative): Increases damage dealt with offensive throws. A later improvement allows for the maiming of daemons.
  • Fierce circumvention (28 AP, Combative): Increases damage dealt with flanking. Being able to get behind enemies is strongly advised.
  • Projected Raid (28 AP, Combattive): allows you to throw yourself on the enemy to attack him in mid-air from a long distance.
  • Enabling Guide (32 AP, Patrol): Gain AP based on the distance traveled with the Regalia.
  • Enabling Ride (32 AP, Patrol): Gain AP based on the distance traveled on the Chocobo.
  • Armiger Action (48 AP, Armiger): Gain an AP every time you activate Armiger.
  • Armiger Chain Reaction (48 PA, Armiger): Get a PA each time you trigger the Armiger Chain.

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