Fortnite: will the next secret skin be that of Predator?

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After the arrival of the 15.20 update of Fortnite Chapter 2, some dataminers were finally able to discover the mysterious content hidden within the enigmatic screen of the Battle Pass of Season 5. Looking at the pass screen, in fact, it is possible to observe a page showing some objects to be unlocked that have not yet been revealed. According to the data miner, the contents of this page will be slowly revealed over the next few weeks. The dataminer known on Twitter by the name of Hypex has published two images (a spray and a banner) depicting those who are clearly dePredator-inspired content. You can see the images in question that we have reported, for your convenience, at the bottom of the news.

Another Fortnite dataminer, Lucas7yoshi, shared pictures of something called Nightmare Ship, while yet another dataminer reported the existence of a "Nightmare" portal appeared in the game outside of Stronghold. The precise ways of implementing the Predator crossover in Fortnite are still unclear, but players already have some ideas on how things will be handled. Among the most popular ideas is the one he wants a Predator in the guise of a boss located in the point of interest of Stealthy Strongohold, where players will have to fight in a similar way to how they had to do with Wolverine in the season which saw various crossovers between the videogame developed by Epic Games and various Marvel characters.

The map has been available in Fortnite for about three weeks Blood Gulch dedicated to the shooter series Halo. Before leaving you to the images relating to the imminent arrival of a crossover between the Battle Royale of Epic Games and Predator, in the tweet reported at the bottom of the news, we want to remind you of the ways in which it is possible to obtain the "Salute del Wakanda" emote. The event was held on December 22nd Thasup Box Fight signed Tha Supreme (here all the details).

Predator Spray & Banner got added!

- HYPEX (@HYPEX) January 13, 2021

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