"Fragmenter" Trophy Guide

InFamous Second Son - Explosion Fragments Guide


Let's go hunting for the collectibles present in InFamous Second Son, let's try to find all the fragments of the explosion.

"Fragmenter" Trophy Guide

There are a total of 600 fragments, 75 in each of the 8 wards. You will get the fragments of the explosion by destroying the scan stations (indicated with the yellow hand on the map), the mobile command units (indicated with the yellow square with the DUPs) and shooting the drones.

Remember that when you have completed the Mobile Neighborhood Command Unit, the location of all the shards in that neighborhood will be shown on the map, making the task of finding them all very simple.

In any case, below we post a series of videos showing how to take all the fragments in each neighborhood.

Important: last fragment. You will get the last fragment when you go up to the final boss. If you have collected all the others the "Fragmenter" Trophy you will unlock it during the climb, otherwise remember that you can recover the missing ones even after finishing the game in free play.

The guide to unlock all the InFamous Second son trophies is available, don't miss it !!!

here are the video with the location of all the fragments of the explosion:

Shards Explosion - Uptown

Fragments Explosion - Waterfront

Explosion Fragments - Denny Park

Fragments Explosion - Downtown

Explosion Shards - Rainier

Shards Explosion - Lanter District

Fragments Explosion - Pioneer Square

Explosion Shards - George Town

Shards Explosion - Marker District

Fragments Explosion - Seattle Center

Explosion Shards - Belltown Blast

Explosion Fragments - Paramount

Fragments Explosion - Queen Anne

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