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During the 9th edition of the largest videogame fair in Europe, we had the honor of being guests in one of the booths of the renamed Free-to-Play title company: Wargaming. The meeting, held in a strictly private way, surprised us more than you can imagine. After a handshake, we immediately started talking about the news that will be included with the new World of Tanks update, and trust me… they are incredibly interesting. 

Starting with the most ambitious title of the Belarusian company, World of Tanks will soon receive a really rich update: the title will be revised and adapted to new technical sector which will introduce high definition textures, breathtaking scenarios and increasingly realistic combat. This new HD package will in effect be an optional feature: for those who own a “Low” Gaming PC, they will still be able to enjoy the title without necessarily updating their gaming machine. One of the things that impressed us greatly is the sound sector: This time Wargaming has invested heavily in the latter resource, creating some special effects and a soundtrack designed and studied in collaboration with Akira Yamaoka (avid fan of Wargaming titles), well-known composer of the infamous Silent Hill.One of the biggest news announced during the German fair for PC owners is definitely the new Grand Battles mode: in this brand new mode, we will face gigantic battles 30 vs 30 within a very large map (the map that was shown to us was 1,4 x 1,4 square km wide!).

After showing its teeth on our home consoles, Wargaming puts almost all its resources on them. In fact, to encourage new and old players to try the title, the company announced the arrival of the War Sories mode, an episodic campaign that can be tackled in both single player and cooperative. The latter mode, available for a few days on Playstation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One, will give us two missions: Brothers in Armor and Flashpoint Berlir (set in Nebelburg, Germany). Also, in the coming months, new campaigns will arrive entitled: Operation Sealion (out in September) e Kennedy's War (scheduled for this October).

Apparently, answering a question we asked in the Wargaming booth, the title will be optimized for both PlayStation 4 Pro and Xbox One X.

Despite World of Tanks is the "primary" title for Wargaming, we have seen a brief presentation of the news that will be included in World of Warships, or the naval battle game inspired by the warships of the 50s. One of the innovations that will be made within the title has particularly surprised us: in fact, with the arrival of the new update, some British battleship and historical commanders. But the news does not end there, as to enrich everything will be extremely resistant armor and precise and lethal cannons. Apparently, this time the developers have worked on quality rather than quantity, bringing the graphic and technical details to manic levels: thanks to the feedback and requests from the community of the title, over five hundred boats will be included, each with skills and characteristics. completely different.

The world of Wargaming is clearly growing and, thanks to the innovations that were shown to us during the Gamescom 2017, we are convinced that the path taken by the Belarusian company is the right one. We also remind you that World of Tanks and World of Warships are available on both PC and console for free! What do you think about it? Have you ever tried either of the two titles?

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