Gears of War 3 - Multiplayer Map Guide and Tips for Winning Online

Gears of War 3 - Multiplayer Map Guide and Tips for Winning Online

The maps of Gears of War 3 have no more secrets.


The clash in the online arenas of Gears of War 3 it already got hot and here on Resources4gaming we certainly couldn't stand by and watch. In this new guide dedicated to the latest creation of Epic Games we will focus on the multiplayer component of the game, dissecting all the maps and providing some advice that could be useful to win.

In the guide for each map we will see:

  • the spawn position of both teams
  • the position of the weapons on the map (first round and second round)
  • general tips and tricks to play your best, don't get killed every 2 seconds and, if possible, win

Regarding the position of the weapons on the map, remember that in the same position you will find different weapons depending on whether it is the first round or the second round. For this reason, for each map we will show two images, one with the weapons that you will find in the first round and one with the weapons that you will find in the second round. (if there should be a third round, you return to the initial scheme, then the second again and so on).



After a minute or two, the hanging board above the center of the map will lower and begin to dangle. When this happens, he can be knocked down by shooting the support cables. Do this only when you need to give the team extra cover or when some unfortunate person is waiting for you below to be crushed.

The balcony where the Mulcher / Mortar is located is one of the best places to check out with your team. Just worry about covering the stairs leading inside as well as the paths which are blocked by rubble on both sides. Opponents can't jump over that rubble, but they can certainly shoot you right from that position.

The stairs are a really bad place to get caught with your breeches lowered intent on doing your business since you will not find any cover nearby.

Staying away from the center of the field is always a good idea on this map. While you have plenty of cover, enemies can easily sneak up behind you using the side paths.




It is a rather difficult map as the field of view is rarely free, take advantage of the grenades from the barricades along the side of the hill.

During sandstorms, don't be afraid to randomly load up with your Retro Lancer or walk around with the ready-to-use chainsaw. With visibility reduced to a minimum you will never know when you might run into some opponent ready to flesh out.

Keep your eyes on the bunkers located on the sides of the hill every time you go up or down. These bunkers are right near the spawn points and contain grenades, so newly killed players who are looking to collect grenades will have an easy shot on all players on the hill.

Despite being located in a very dangerous spot, the mortar is a valuable weapon in this map. If you manage to catch it, focus the fire on the paths leading from the respawn points to the center of the map. Obviously no one forbids you to drop some sugared almonds even on the hill or nearby.




Checkout is a small map, so close-range weapons like shotguns and Retro Lancers will dominate the action.

In the checkout area you can find the Digger or the Longshot, so many players rush to that area to get them. If you and your team can control this sector, use the corridors as a cover and try to hold out as long as possible. Controlling the Digger for long periods alone can determine the success of the game!

Don't be tempted to use the Mulcher exactly where you find it, if you don't have a teammate or two to protect your flanks it could be a very unfortunate move. Instead, it is advisable to move to one of the entrances to the electronics section and hit the enemies trying to enter.

Try to hide behind the high shelves placed near the spawn points. They are usually safe areas, and with a little patience you can catch some enemies wandering around the perimeter of the map.




The area where the Boomshot / Digger is located will be very busy at the start of the game. It is always a real pleasure (and also advisable) to spank opponents who are buzzing around these powerful weapons rather than trying to pick up yourself. During the game, be sure to check this area often. If you play as a team, controlling this alley can be a winning move.

The bell tower area is also often the scene of intense battles. Since the large columns provide good cover, you will be safe from long range weapons, but be prepared to react to side attacks.

The grenades placed in the center of the market are very inviting, but be aware that this place is open fire from four different directions.





The first thing you need to know about this map is that there is a turret on the bridge! The second thing you need to know is that the turret will almost always not serve you a sledgehammer. It has poor accuracy, is exposed like a traffic light, and has several blind spots due to its lack of 360-degree mobility. The only effective use this turret can have is in providing suppression fire to interrupt an onslaught of enemies on the steps.

Stairs are in fact a good place to check with your team. They offer a good view of most of the map, and if you are attacked from either side you can simply fall back up the steps and force opponents to face you in a tight passage.

The Hammer of Dawn / Mortar is great for doing some street cleaning.

The Boomshield is there for a reason. Don't leave it alone and use it to fortify your position on the stairs.





Hotel is a beautiful and varied map as it gives you the ability to fight both outside and inside. However, we can say that most of the action revolves around fighting for control of the area inside, so don't waste too much time on the road.

Be very careful when entering and exiting the hotel through the front entrance. This area is quite open and it can be very difficult to find cover if you are in trouble.

Don't forget the Digger / Boomshot which is on the street opposite the main entrance. As mentioned, most of the action takes place inside with many players rushing in after rebirth intent on relaunching in the middle of the battle. Taking control of these weapons can be a winning move.

The area where the Torque Bow / Longshot is located is one of the best spots to lurk. Being slightly raised from there you can in fact see all three entrances and the available coverage is more than decent. Being there without any teammate to cover your back can be very dangerous, however.




Sandbar is the largest multiplayer map in the entire series. With a lot of winding streets, it will be essential to know where you are going. There are several paths that lead to dead ends or invisible walls. Study the map carefully to make sure you are not going in the wrong direction. In addition, it will be very useful to learn where you can and cannot enter the water. This isn't always clear, and a mistake on a getaway could cost you your life.

If you find yourself wandering around without a decent weapon and you haven't been spotted yet, you may want to focus on marking opponents to help your teammates, instead of shooting them directly.

The cargo ship is a great place to check out with your crew. There are plenty of cover, easily defensible entrances, and a great weapon like the Hammer of Dawn / Oneshot. A short distance away you will find the grenades, the surrounding area is small and can be cleaned up easily with these.




The mortar, which is on the balcony in the round it is available, is especially important on this map given the wide open spaces.

The shrine where the Digger / Boomshot is located is one of the most easily defensible zones of all the Gears maps, with its two small entrances. It is possible to shoot and throw grenades, even through the front gate. But be careful in the rounds where the mortar is available, enemies could hit you as the sanctuary has no roof.

The foliage in the middle of the map can be a good hiding place so watch out for any opponents lurking with the shotgun.




The area with the Longshot is usually the most contested spot on the map, with one team attempting to defend the small area at the top of the stairs and the other attempting the assault from below.

If you are defending this area, it is recommended that a member of the advance team be sent to the Bank or the restaurant, so that he can mark the approaching enemies or hit them directly while they are in cover in an attempt to assault the position of the Longshot.
Don't forget the grenades in the middle of the road, just below where the Longshot is. If you are looking to storm the stairs, these will obviously be of great help.

If you are holding the Longshot spawn area, be sure to place your grenades at the bottom of the stairs.




The action on Drydock focuses on controlling the top center zone. If your team manages to control it, you will have an optimal view of the map and therefore of the opponents moving from the respawn point to your position. This strategy can turn Drydock into a real nightmare for lone wolves.

If, on the other hand, you have to conquer the opposing team from that position, it is essential to coordinate "pincer" attacks, in order to attack the opponent from both sides simultaneously.

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