GeForce NOW: double the subscription price, here are the details

While GeForce NOW officially enters its second year and is rapidly approaching 10 million members, through a release NVIDIA has announced that it is looking to the future and aiming for new goals, adding many new features to its Cloud Gaming service. The first change concerns subscriptions thanks to the introduction of the Priority Membership, which will allow users to receive all the benefits that were currently only available to members Founders. Among these features we can also find priority access to game sessions, which will also have a longer duration than usual. Furthermore, it will be possible to activate the DLSS and RTX, to enhance the gaming experience in supported titles.

Users will have access to Priority Membership by paying a monthly subscription of 9,99 €, while the annual subscription will be available at the price of 99,99 €. NVIDIA stressed the importance of Founders members, stating that GeForce NOW wouldn't be what it is today without them. The benefit was introduced to thank them Founders for Life, which continues the special launch rate of 4,99 € as long as the account is active and in good standing. The Founders for Life Benefit gives GeForce NOW users who started a paid Founders membership by March 17, 2021, the opportunity to continue using their introductory price subscription and plan features without a set end date. To keep this benefit active, it is necessary to maintain a paid Founders membership without interruption and this requires, for example, to keep information up to date and to make timely payments, using the service in accordance with the terms of use.

With the'2.0.28 update, currently available to members and which will be rolled out to everyone in about a week, two new features will be introduced that allow streaming quality to take a big step forward. The first is an exclusive adaptive Vsync technology, which synchronizes the server-side 60 or 59,94 Hz framerate to match the client-side display, reducing stutter and latency on supported games. The second is a new technology of adaptive de-jitter, which will allow you to increase bit rates for better visual quality even on the most unstable networks. Finally, starting today, they will be available seven new titles within NVIDIA GeForce NOW, of which you can find a list below.

  • Do Not Feed the Monkeys (Steam)
  • GoNNER (Steam)
  • Loop Hero (Epic Games Store)
  • Monopoly Plus (Steam)
  • Snooker 19 (Steam)
  • System Shock: Enhanced Edition (Steam)
  • Wanba Warriors (Steam)

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