Genshin Impact - Guide on how to take pictures of Flora's decorations

Genshin Impact - Guide on how to take pictures of Flora's decorations

In this guide dedicated to Genshin impact we will explain how to take pictures of the decorations of Flora during the Windblume festival. The branded creature myHoYo has been able to count on the arrival of several updates after its release and, day after day, the users around the title are always increasing.

In addition to missions and characters, Genshin Impact features a number of limited-time events that, from time to time, bring some really tempting special missions. Currently, to complete the Windblume festival, you only need to complete one task: take pictures of the flora decorations.

Where to find Flora's decorations in Genshin Impact? Here is the guide

Where to start your search

To start the mission you will first have to go to the Knight's headquarters Favonios. Enter the building and head to the first door on the right side to access the library. Here you will find a character called Sayid who will ask you to take some photos of the most important places during the festival.

How to take a picture of the decorations

Head to the main gate of Mondstadt and go back to see the city stairs. Before going up the stairs on the right side you will find a character with dozens of plants. The character's name is Flora, all you have to do is take a picture of her plant decorations, but make sure you stay at close range.

How to take a picture of Anemo God

After taking a photo of Flora, you will be asked to take a photo of a named statue Anemo God. The latter is very easy to find: open the map and look at the Mondstadt. On the east side of the city, you will find a large blue square on the map. Head to the square where you will see a giant statue depicting the god Anemo. Take a picture and then return to Sayid in the Knight of Favonios HQ to deliver the pictures and get the rewards.

  • Primogem 20x
  • Hero's Wit 2x
  • Blackberry 20000x

That was all there was to know in this guide to Flora's decorations in Genshin Impact; if you need other help we remind you that we have an entire section available, always updated with all the games of the moment.

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