Genshin Impact: The Boycott Hashtag Genshin goes crazy on Twitter, here's why

In the past six months, Genshin impact has registered a wide range of support among online players. The free-to-play title, developed by myHoYo, took the world by storm on platforms PlayStation, its Nintendo Switch and on i mobile devices. The game is loved by fans for several reasons, including strong characters, compelling gameplay and constant updates. However, things seem about to change for Genshin Impact, especially on Twitter, After the appearance of the hashtag BoycottGenshin.

Unfortunately, in fact, not everything seems to be going well for the gacha, as today, April 6, the hashtag started trending on Twitter. In fact, several Genshin Impact players have started complaining on their social profiles. Through the hashtag and Twitter trend, users have listed a number of reasons to boycott the title. These include the sexualization of one of the youngest characters in the game (Flora), few options for playing non-white characters, potential indigenous evil within the game, a number of security concerns, particularly with regards to lack of two-factor authentication, and lastly the few updates in the last period.

In the near future of the title, after the reveal of Rosaria, the affable heroine has already shown herself in the last event by invitation of Windblume, as a playing character of the adventure, the arrival ofUpdate 1.5 will bring several new improvements and new adventurers. A new housing system as well as new characters; Eula e Yanfei in fact they seem close to arriving in the famous gatcha.

Despite the recent problems, MiHoYo has made a profit a billion dollars in just six months. This makes Genshin Impact the fastest growing game ever. For comparison, the mobile version of Fortnite it took two years to reach the $ XNUMX billion mark. A truly exceptional record. However, things on Twitter seem to be getting dangerous for Genshin Impact - we are confident that the developers will take action soon on the issue of the BoycottGenshin hashtag.

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