Ghost of Tsushima: here are all the news of the State of Play

Today, the official channels of Sony Interactive Entertainment they hosted one State of Play dedicated to Ghost of Tsushima, title of which you can find our preview at the following link. The license plate work sucker Punch is highly anticipated by a large part of the community of PlayStation 4 players, and what has been shown has certainly clarified many details about its potential. You can find the video presented on the cover of the article, but now let's see together what the latter has revealed to us.

This time, the approach saw the gameplay in the foreground, and we were therefore able to witness only the scenes played, which will therefore be present in the final experience. The video started with a long ride of the protagonist, where possible encounters and items that can be obtained along the way were shown. Exploration was at the fore for the entire event, and many of the explorable locations were deepened in this area. There was no shortage of space for spectacular views, such as clearings, narrow passages o even city, targeted by the Mongols in some cases and friendly in others. The graphics sector has been particularly showcased, and it seems that this is able to squeeze every ounce of power provided by the PlayStation 4.

The second part of the video delved deeper into the character of Jim, through further details on Ghost of Tsushima's combat system, showcased during an assault mission against the people of the Mongols. We could also notice the various attachment positions, which allow you to inflict greater damage against certain enemies. A new section of gameplay was later explored by a Jim who followed the dark way, becoming in effect the iconic ghost of Ghost of Tsushima and applying strategies aimed at stealth and distance. In this case, further details emerged on the possibilities of movement and the tools that can be used with this discipline. Let's talk about the kunai and grapple, the first of which were able to scare enemies who saw their mate die.

The last part of the event explored the in-game inventory, formed for example by Jim's techniques and armor. The latter can be customized on an aesthetic level, but the various sets will offer in any case different bonuses suitable for specific circumstances. The progression system could also be fundamental for the success of the gameplay, and it seems that this guarantees the player many possibilities of choice. The last features shown concern in the first case the Photo Fashion, apparently extremely complete and suitable for capturing and appreciating the breathtaking views presented. There was also room for the Cinema mode, which transforms the entire title into a film oriented to Japanese culture, and for the presentation of the Japanese dubbing, which can be set in-game and will obviously be accompanied by subtitles.

We have seen a lot of details, which can only add to the hype for Ghost of Tsushima. Recall that the work will make its debut on PlayStation 4 on July 17 2020.

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