God of War: guide to the Valkyries

The Valkyries are effectively secondary bosses of God of War. There are 8 in total scattered across the various game maps and six of them are located within Odin's Hidden Chambers (four in Midgard and the other two in Alfheim and Helheim respectively). Finding the last two Valkyries is a bit complex: the first you will face after completing all the challenges in Muspelheim, while the second you will find it in the fog of Niflheim. These two kingdoms must be unlocked during the adventure, if you have difficulty we refer you to our dedicated guide.


Position: body of Thamur (near the boat landing)
Loot: 10.125 experience points, Gunnr's Helm

Gunnr, without a shadow of a doubt, is the right Valkyrie to start the challenge. You'll quickly find it in Odin's Hidden Room at the beginning of the area after you get the chisel. The Valkyrie will start the fight in a vulnerable state, so attack immediately with a heavy combo to take away as much life as possible. When it takes off it will prepare to launch a winged combo, so be very careful. This attack is commonly used by every Valkyrie and is divided into four hits two for each wing. The move cannot be parried, so learn to avoid it by dodging it diagonally backwards. You will need to be very careful when the Valkyrie starts spinning the scythe around her, as she will be about to launch into a dash attack. So get ready to parry it all and then move on to the counterattack. Also watch out for when he will soar with the scythe in his hand as a powerful downward attack will follow; evade the attack and get ready to hit it hard. After its winged combo, however, you will never, ever have to let your guard down: once it is completed it could in fact hit with a wing lunge, which will cause you considerable damage. Dodge the move and try to do damage as fast as possible. Take advantage of Atreus by equipping him with shock arrows and stun her: remember, all Valkyries are weak to this effect. Once she is finally confused, approach her to make the special move and end the fight.


Position: Hill (the crossroads)
Loot: 10.125 experience points, Helm of Geirdriful, hilt of the Guardian Valkyrie (for the ax)

This Valkyrie will move more than the previous one. When Geirdriful takes off he will throw shockwaves at you which will cause damage from blindness.. This attack can be safely avoided by dodging and looking far. Keep in mind that in case you are hit, this enemy will tend to get under the penalty. Remember to always keep this Valkyrie under control: in fact it will often rotate the scythe around her just before hitting the ground, generating a shock wave that will continue in a straight line. Avoid this attack from the side and try to take advantage of it to land a few hits. The chakrams are certainly his most powerful weapons, basically they are explosive bullets that move rapidly in your direction. Try to avoid them from a distance as they will follow you if you are too close to Geirdriful they will hit you for sure. If you see a rotation in place, be prepared to dodge the assault absolutely: the Valkyrie will try to grab you and inflict great damage on you. If you manage to avoid the blow you will gain a moment of time to unleash some combos. The last move he can take advantage of in combat will be the rotating attack: it will sprint towards you and rotate four times. This move will attract you and, if hit, it will hurt you a lot.


Position: la Montagna (near the lift)
Loot: 10.125 experience points, Might of the Valkyrie (ax pommel)

Eir has an invulnerable block that makes her a very defensive opponent. He will also use a mace instead of the common scythe, thus introducing new attacks into the Valkyries move set. Let's start by talking about the indestructible shield created by Eir with its wings. If provoked in this state it will not hesitate to attack you with a lunge, so use the guard breaker to break its defenses and move into an advantageous position. His most lethal move is without a doubt the shock wave with the bat. You will recognize this attack because you will see it fly up: since you cannot dodge this blow in any way, throw the ax as soon as it is in the air, so that it collapses to the ground. Eir can also unleash small combos with the club. The first attack he launches will generate a shock wave that you can dodge and, if you manage to avoid the second attack, you will have the opportunity to counterattack.

Land defence

Position: Passo Fluviale (witch's underground)
Loot: 10.125 experience points, Helm of Kara, Talisman of the realms

Kara is certainly one of the most particular Valkyries to face. Her ability that makes her unique is her ability to summon Draugr who will join her in the fight. Your luck, however, is tied to the fact that, having the ability to delegate the dirty work to his servants, if taken alone is not a great threat. The basic summoning consists in summoning four or five level 3 enemies, in this case we advise you to leave at least two alive because otherwise Kara will continue to summon them systematically. Another typical move of hers uses chakrams to cause damage, even if she uses them with small variations: the first is undoubtedly the throw in a straight line impossible to block, the second instead involves holding them both in her arms, then launching them with a curved trajectory.


Position: Helheim (once back with Atreus)
Loot: 10.125 experience points, Helm of Rota, Handles of the Valkyrie (pommel for the blades)

This Valkyrie will do anything to grab you and deal close damage to you. The fight is absolutely not to be underestimated, as during the fight it will become more and more aggressive. In fact, his move set is mainly based on the winged combos of the other Valkyries, ditto for the thrusts, the spin and sprint attack of Geirdriful and the variants of the chakram of Kara, however, the latter can be interrupted with a shock arrow. To all this sio adds a variation to the flying grip that makes it even more dangerous. If you see it spinning, get ready to get out of the way of its trajectory. Never let your guard down, this move could be repeated three times in a row. Another peculiarity is to use a nice powerful ram, if this hit is successful you will find yourself held and defenseless against its subsequent attacks. Also in this case he can repeat the move up to three times in a row. Whenever you dodge these two moves, be prepared to counterattack with all the power you have.


Position: Alfheim (hidden area: Light Elf Coast)
Loot: 10.125 experience points, Helm of Olrun, Scarsella of the Valkyrie (hip armor)

Olrun is the hardest Valkyrie to hit. It has a greater sprint than its sisters and is much faster in all movements. Knowing the move set of the others will be essential for the final victory. As mentioned earlier, her ability to avoid attacks is unparalleled, after having sprinted away twice, the third time you will be the target. This series of shots will also use them at the end of a combo, so never let your guard down. The trick is to stay constantly on the move: despite this, however, if you are too far from her, she will have no qualms about throwing fragments at you in a straight line. Before throwing at you she will make a rotation that will draw you towards her and, although these attacks can be blocked, if you are too close to her it will be impossible to do so.


Position: Muspelheim (challenge number 6)
Loot: 10.125 experience points, Helm of Gondul, Gloves of the Valkyrie (armor), Eye of the Leviathan (spell), Asgardian Steel x2, Perfect Asgardian Steel, Muspelheim's raging hell

As you climb the Muspelheim volcano you will have to complete the various challenges as you go. Once you get to the top you will have the chance to fight against Gondul. This Valkyrie uses the mace, plus it introduces some really dangerous new shots. First, this opponent has the ability to summon meteors directly from the sky by dropping them on the battlefield. Since this shot will split the arena in two, you need to make sure that you are on one of the more extreme sides before it unleashes it. Of course it doesn't end there as Gondul loves to combine meteors with melee attacks. He can attack you with any of the previous moves, then dodge as much as possible and then move on to the attack. Gondul is also equipped with a variation of the ram: although it is essentially the same move, she will do so by charging it directly from the sky. This Valkyrie is really tough, try to dodge as much as possible and avoid the flames, counterattacking in the rare moments of vulnerability. More than brute strength, this opponent comes down with patience and tenacity.


Position: Niflheim
Loot: 10.125 experience points, Helm of Hildr, Cuirass of the Valkyrie (torso armor), Wing of the Fallen (pommel for the ax)

This Valkyrie is in the farthest area of ​​Niflheim, to defeat it therefore you will need to have equipment that will allow you to stay long enough in the Cursed Mist. To have more life against this opponent, ignore the monsters in the first area, overcome the traps and, as soon as it divides into the path, overcome the traps again until you reach a closed area. At this point Hildr will come from heaven. The latter has all the scythe attacks of her other sisters, plus she will use winged and grappling combos. Like Eidr, she too will use her wings as a shield, if annoyed, however, she will throw chunks of ice at you. This attack is in fact the real novelty of the clash: the hail bullets will chase you and can all be blocked, except the last piece of high dimensions that you will necessarily have to dodge. After this attack he will use the scythe to attack you with combos, be very careful. In the fight, use the guard breaker often and try to dodge as many bullets as possible.

Sigrun, Queen of the Valkyries

Once all eight Valkyries have been defeated and their helmets placed on the thrones of the council, it will be time for a showdown with the Queen. Sigrun owns the entire move set of all previous Valkyries, except that he cannot summon. You will be able to counterattack after using blocks, stompers and holds. Last but not least, he is as fast as Olrun. First, the queen will immediately knock you to the ground, get ready to dodge meteorites, ice splinters, winged combos and more. Stay in constant motion especially if you are blinded, trying to stay as lucid as possible. If you suffer the ram try to immediately counter the following kicks and take advantage of the location. The battle area, in fact, is much larger than Odin's Hidden Chambers, and thus dodging some attacks will be easier than in the past. In any case, in addition to all these warnings, the last Valkyrie represents the most difficult fight ever, prepare yourself well with the equipment before starting it.

That was all there was to know about the Valkyries. We refer you to our review dedicated to God of War and we remind you that we have an entire section dedicated to Sony exclusivity. Stay connected with us to not miss any news.

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