Google images tricks and how to use it

How to use reverse image search on Google. Reverse image search is a technique that allows the user to use a sample image to perform a Google search based on it and get results based on its content such as colors, shapes, textures and metadata of the image itself .

Performing a reverse image search on Google can be helpful in finding the original image or owner of a photograph, finding out the exact date it was first taken or viewed, uncovering tampered versions of the image, or , for owners of images, to know if anyone is using them without permission.

In general, the use of reverse search on Google images can be very useful to avoid copyright infringement, avoiding using images out of context or misinforming in crisis situations, something we saw during the COVID-19 crisis and forced to main social platforms to do so.

Google images tricks and how to use it

For Google, this technique is very easy to use. The user must go Google Search or go to the "Google Images" tab on any Google results page and click on the icon in the form of a camera that appears in the search bar, for example and as you can see in the following image:

Google images tricks and how to use it

Next, the user has two different options:

URL: You can search by typing in the URL of the image, which can be obtained by right clicking on it and selecting “Copy Image URL”.

Upload image: this is the simplest method, as you will only need to select an image from your computer and select “Upload Image”.

Send: there is a third method, just drag the image from your PC desktop onto the Google Images page and drop it.

Once the reverse search is done, the results will appear on a Google page, just like with any search, and a list of pages and news items where the image has been used will be shown.

Reverse search on Android

The Chrome app has a Google Image search option. When the user finds a photo, they must press on it until the drop-down menu appears, where they must select the option “Search for this image on Google”. This will display all image results, just like in the desktop browser version.

If the image is stored in the terminal, go to com from the Chrome app, select the “Computer Version” option that appears in the app menu and run the process like on a computer, uploading the image or pasting the URL.

Reverse lookup on iPhone

For those users who use Chrome on iOS, the process is the same as on Android.

What if no results are displayed? Sometimes reverse lookup returns no results. This may be the page where the image is hosted prohibit indexing of images or that the image server and databases were not synchronized correctly.

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