Gravity Well: Opens a new studio from the creators of Titanfall

Setting up a development studio is certainly not child's play, especially if it was born with the intention of giving life to Triple A titles, which can therefore compete with the largest productions on the market. It is precisely with these intentions that he was born today Gravity Well, software house that we can finally welcome to the market. Leading the titanic enterprise we find professional developers, Drew McCoy e Jon “Slothy” Shiring, who worked on the series of Call of Duty and gave birth to Titanfall, Titanium case 2 e Apex Legends. We attach below the logo of the new developer.

Therefore, these are not newbies, even if at the moment the software house does not present a study due to the coronavirus emergency, and therefore works remotely through smart working. However, the plans foresee the increase of the staff until reaching a team that can count almost 100 members, able to organize the video game development environment so that no one is forced to the tremendous crunch.

We therefore hope that the project is successful, and that it can soon be accompanied by its first title, which will most likely be a first-person shooter, given the precedents of the two developers at the head of Gravity Well.

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