Great Rune - Everything we know about the alleged game from From Software and George RR Martin

These days the news that has most attracted the attention of the videogame audience is certainly that linked to the collaboration between From Software e George RR Martin to Great Rune, a mysterious game and, perhaps, even with a working title. For both figures there should be no need for introductions, given that the first is the development house led by Miyazaki, the famous "father" of the Souls genre, while the second is the iconic creator of the Song of Ice and Fire saga that everyone we know it as Game of Thrones. The writer's storytelling skills would have served the development house that, at least from the rumors we have available, is working on the development of a product that is still secret and that we should normally discover at E3 2019.  

However, between rumors and more or less official confirmations, there is not much information we have on the work, even if it is enough to take a quick tour on the internet to understand that, indeed, something big is brewing, and the union of forces between Martin and Miyazaki it's enough to make all the fans jump out of their seats of our reference medium. We therefore tried to collect the amount of details that emerged, thus taking stock of the situation, even if since these are leaks we know perfectly well that they could be denied

The union of the Two Towers  

First of all, there is a big step backwards, exactly by almost a year, when Miyazaki confirmed, perhaps by mistake, the development of a new game. You have to know that From Software is also known for another series, namely Armored Core. During an interview dedicated to the VR game Dèraciné, the Game Director specified that his team was working on three major projects and that virtual reality work was not included among them. Excluding the already available Sekiro, two still unknown works remain, one of which could just be a new chapter of Armored Core. However, a product dedicated to giant mechs and robots doesn't seem to be on Martin's strings, then it is reasonable to expect a new IP by the Japanese software house. Miyazaki had previously claimed to want to a much more narrative game like Rockstar video games, in addition to the possibility of ranging between various genres in addition to the vaunted Souls. A need that we fully understand: indeed given the authorial imprint of his titles Sooner or later it is reasonable to expect that Hidetaka will want to experiment with new genres.  

Precisely for this it comes into play Martin: his great descriptive and narrative capacity are a real ace up his sleeve for From Software, which on the one hand gives enormous strength to the project, but on the other it could also be deleterious if expectations are not met. Although we are without official news, the same creator of the Throne of Swords confessed to having come into contact with a Japanese software house and authoritative sources such as Famitsu they seem totally convinced that this team is really From, an idea that is becoming more and more established after the spread of the latest news.

What do we know about Great Rune

Here comes the beauty, above all because we have nothing concrete but only rumors, rumors and various speculations. Great Rune appears to have been in development for over three years, we are talking about an open world product with the possibility of riding on horseback. The project is the result of the collaboration between Hidetaka Miyazaki e George RR Martin will be published by Bandai Namco, the reveal is set for E3 2019 during the conference Microsoft products, similar to what happened last year for Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, always of From Software. The player can also choose between three different playable characters, which will lead him to encounter enemies and unique locations on his path. A cacciatore with a long bow, a warrior armed with a large shield and a mace and one sorcerer who can cast spells through the use of a magic book. Which one will you choose?

There also appear to be details regarding the setting, which the player sees within a medieval kingdom weakened by a terrible civil war that has lasted for over a hundred years. The three protagonists would be part of a company that responds directly to the King's orders, tasked with finding a mysterious artifact capable of providing a great advantage that could lead the crown to victory in this conflict. Furthermore, also from the leaks that have emerged, it seems that there are some mechanics related to multiplayer, both competitive and cooperative.  

In conclusion, these are all the rumors that have surfaced about Great Rune, but we emphasize that From Software at present it has not confirmed or denied anything. The only thing we can do is look forward to E3. Already in the past the rumors regarding the software house had come a lot closer to the final product, we are talking about the remake of Tenchu which became at a later time Sekiro; we just have to hope that even in this case what is reported does not differ much from the final product. 

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