GRID 2: how to drift

    Grid 2: drift tips / guide [Tokyo Drift]

    GRID 2: how to drift


    One of the most interesting things introduced in the series created by Codemasters and also present in the last GRID 2 are undoubtedly Drift races. Grab some super powerful racing cars and equip them as best you can to do one thing: drift non-stop by painting unlikely curves, all at very high speeds.

    In this guide we will give you some tips for start "drift" as you should and possibly get to unlock one of the most challenging Trophies / Achievements in the game.

    GRID 2: how to drift

    As in any other racing game, Drift races are won by accumulating as many points as possible. The length of the drift and therefore the drift points earned in Grid 2 depends on two things: one is the speed, the other is the angle of the drift. When you train, pay attention to these two variants and do some tests (first go a little faster, if the result does not satisfy you, decrease the speed, and so on). To these are added the multipliers which certainly play a fundamental role, without them you could never get a high score. Drifting close to corner corners and stakes will get you 2x, 3x and even 4x multipliers. So make sure you do this and keep the multipliers on their feet for as long as possible! Concentrate on these aspects and you too can perform perfect drift.

    How to unlock "Tokyo Drift"

    The result asks to "Earn 350.000 points in Okutama with a Mazda RX-7 TYPE RZ or NISMO R34T-R Z-TUNE".

    First of all, set up the game like this:

    • Race type: Drift
    • Tier Car: Tier 2
    • Rounds: 1 Round
    • AI Piloti: Very easy
    • Flashbacks: Unlimited
    • Circuit selection: Okutama - Tenshi Way - Day
    • Car: Nissan Nismo R34T-R Z-Tune

    Start by gaining speed and pulling a short drift near the start of the track for a couple of thousand points. Then, try to get close to the first 3 stakes with 2-3 different high speed drift. After the first hairpin, you should have around 100.000 points.

    Continue along the track until the next hairpin where you will repeat a long and fast drift near the poles inside the curve. Coming out of the 2nd bend you should have at least 175.000 points.

    Continue straight towards the third bend (on the straight you will need little skidding, indeed, it could be counterproductive and make you lose the right speed). At the corner you will return to drift strongly, you will have to come out with at least 275.000 points.

    The last part is certainly the most difficult, but also the most important. You will have to be fast and perform everything perfectly in the 3 corners very close to each other. There are a total of 3 stakes in the final rounds, and the advice is to aim all of them if possible. For the first one, keep a good speed and don't cut too much inside, the risk of crashing is high. Dive straight into the next bend and then try to follow the last bend as best you can to the end, making your drift as long as possible.

    In this way you should have exceeded 350.000 points, otherwise restart the race before crossing the finish line and try again. If you are wrong in only one of the critical points that we have indicated, use the flashbacks to remedy the mistakes made.

    Watch this video that shows in practice what has just been said. Good luck!!!

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