GTA 5: Guide to Collecting Nuclear Waste [360-PS3]

GTA 5: Guide to Collecting Nuclear Waste [360-PS3]


New tour, new guide dedicated to the collectibles of Grand Theft Auto V: let's go hunting for barrels of nuclear waste.

In order to start the collection of nuclear waste you must first of all equip yourself with the submarine. You can start using the mini-submarine after completing a particular main story mission (all details in the guide to unlock the submarine). As soon as you have the availability of the submarine you will be notified with a message that there is someone willing to pay for the barrels of waste that you will be able to recover.

There are 30 slags to be found in all, finding them all will unlock the result "Waste management: buy the old dock and recover all the nuclear waste. "Not only that, collecting all the waste is also essential to complete the game 100%.

... and they also earn a lot of money!

The slag is located on the ocean floor, but you will be helped by an app that automatically activates when you enter the submarine, a radar that will help you locate the location of the slag. In addition to unlocking the achievement and advancing the completion of the game, this activity will earn you a lot of money: $ 32.000 a barrel + $ 250.000 bonus when you collect the last one makes a total of $ 1.210.000, a nice pack of grits.

Consult the fact sheet GTA 5 cheats and guides for more guides on this amazing game.

Here is a video showing where all the nuclear waste is, in the order in which it is reported by the submarine's radar.

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