Guide "13 and beyond"

Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII: how to get to day 14


In the new chapter of the Final Fantasy series that still sees the beautiful Lightning as protagonist, it is up to us to make sure that the world can see the dawn of the 14th day. Let's see how to do it

Guide "13 and beyond"

The official description of the Trophy / Objective "13 and beyond" reads: "Testify that with your tenacity and your Eradia you have performed a miracle giving life to the 14th day".

The only way we have to postpone "the last day of the world" is to accumulate Eradia by completing the missions of the game. The missions of the main story alone, however, are not enough for this purpose e to arrive until day 14 you will also have to complete a good number of complementary missions. If you don't accumulate enough Eradia, you will be forced into Game Over by the game and you will have to start the game over.

In the first game you will play you will have a total of 64 side quests available, to play quietly and be sure to be able to get to the end you will need to complete at least 45 complementary missions.

Keep an eye on the cheats tab of Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII where, together with the others already present, we will shortly also post a guide dedicated to all the secondary quests of the game.

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