Guide nightmare levels

Wolfenstein The Old Blood: Nightmare Level Guide / Walkthrough [PS4 - Xbox One - PC]


Wolfenstein the Old Blood hides the entire episode 1 of the original Wolfenstein 3D in particular nightmare levels. Let's see how to find and complete them.

Guide nightmare levels

In total there are 9 nightmare levels, including the one with the boss Hans Grosse and the secret level. These "nightmares" are hidden game sections that reflect the original Wolfenstein 3D and that we can play in first person.

In each of the 9 chapters that make up the Old Blood campaign there is an access point that leads to the secret level. When you find an empty bed with a lamp and a Wolfenstein 3D poster nearby, get on the bed and press the indicated button to start the nightmare. If you die or leave, the character wakes up and leaves the bed.

Below you find the videos they show how to find and complete all nightmare levels of Wolfenstein The Old Blood. Good fun!

Prologue nightmare solution
nightmare solution Chapter 1
nightmare solution Chapter 2
nightmare solution Chapter 3
nightmare solution Chapter 4
nightmare solution Chapter 5
nightmare solution Chapter 6
nightmare solution Chapter 7
nightmare solution Chapter 8 (boss)

Keep in mind that it is in no way possible to play these levels from the menu, you must necessarily find the bed within each chapter and start them from there. You can replay the nightmares at any time, after dying or completing them, simply by returning to bed.

Secret level 10
All the ones we've seen so far are already secret levels, but you should know that there is a 10th secret level which can be accessed from the nightmare level found in the prologue. For more details and a dedicated video, follow the guide to find the secret level XNUMX of Wolfenstein the Old Blood.

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