Guide / Solution Boss Father Gascoigne

Bloodborne: Guide to Beat Father Gascoigne [PS4 Boss Walkthrough]


Let's face all the fearsome bosses of Bloodborne one by one: let's move on to Father Gascoigne.

Guide / Solution Boss Father Gascoigne

Father Gascoigne is the second boss of the game, remember to bring some Molotov cocktails with you because they will come in handy, you can buy them from the headquarters in the hunter's dream.

The first part of the fight will be quite easy with the Hunter Ax (turn it into the large two-handed version by pressing L1). Hold R2 to charge the powerful attack when Father Gascoigne aims at you. Timing is very important and you need to get a good feeling for the distance between you and the boss. If you are too close he will hit you before you can execute your attack, if you are far away you will miss him, which could result in a couple of devastating hits taken.

Do not heal immediately after being hit, but try to land a counterattack on the boss as this will restore some of the health lost with the hit, as well as obviously damaging the opponent. Mastering this technique well will require very few healing potions, perhaps none.

Using the powerful attack will knock the boss down for a brief moment. Stay close to him and wait for him to get up to hit you, move far enough away so he can't hit you and perform another powerful ax attack (don't dodge as this will slow your attack). Remember that it is also possible to attack it from behind tombstones and trees.

When he transforms into a monster (30% health) you should keep throwing Molotov cocktails at him quickly. In this form the boss is very powerful, he will hit fast and cause you great damage. So avoid the melee as much as possible and try to finish it as soon as possible.

I close the guide with some videos that show several good strategies to finish it. Remember to consult the Bloodborne cheats and guides tab for other useful guides on this game. Good luck!

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