Guide to finding the "Wedge of Destiny" cheese shield

Dragon Age Inquisition: the shield of Cheese, easter egg [PS4-Xbox One-360-PS3-PC]


Apparently Bioware are really crazy about cheese

Guide to finding the "Wedge of Destiny" cheese shield

What you see below is the "Wedge of Destiny", a very special shield in the shape of ... cheese shape (complete with missing slice) which, according to player reports, can be found in the Crestwood area. These are the shield stats:

  • Tipo: Off Hand Shield
  • Armor: 14 – Front
  • Level: 9
  • Restrozopmo: Warrior only
  • Requirements: Level 6
  • +6% Bleed on Being Hit
  • +30% Front Defense
  • Heal + 15% of the damage taken
  • Where is the cheese shield located?

    As mentioned it is located in Crestwood, on one of the several picnic tables that can be found in the area. Other players report finding it accidentally in a chest inside a field, also in Crestwood. Also watch the following video to find out the location and remember to consult the Dragon Age Inquisition cheats and guides tab for other useful guides and easter eggs on this game.

    ... and you have discovered other secrets? Feel free to use the comments or post directly in our forum, we will update the guide with your feedback.

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