Guide to planting the cow plant

How to Grow a Cow Plant in The Sims 4 [PC]


In the fourth installment of The Sims, the mythical bovine plants are back!

Guide to planting the cow plant

First of all you will need the seeds of the cow plant. There seem to be several ways in which you can have them, what I am about to report is still safe.

Where to find cow plant seeds
Go to Oasis Springs and head to Desert Bloom, then go through the public area behind the park where you will find a rocky canyon leading to the abandoned mine. In the area you will find a small lake, go fishing there and you should be able to catch the seeds of the plant.

How to plant and grow the cow plant
Now go back to your home and plant the seeds in the ground where you want the plant to grow. This needs a lot of attention and you will need to water and care for it every day to get it to full size. Pay attention to the mound of earth at the base: light brown color means it needs water.

Once grown, cow plants are quite dangerous creatures, don't give them too much confidence ...

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