Guide to unlocking the Stealth Cobra and Sniper Camouflage

Call of Duty Ghosts: How to Unlock Sniper Camouflage [Ghillie Suit]


In this guide we see how to unlock the sniper camouflage for Multiplayer Call of Duty Ghosts, the famous "Ghillie Suit".

Guide to unlocking the Stealth Cobra and Sniper Camouflage

You've probably seen it before, and no doubt you crave it with all your greasy, sculpted muscles. So let's see what needs to be done for unlock sniper camouflage suit for use in Call of Duty Ghosts online mode.

1) Remember that the only challenges that matter to unlock the sniper camouflage are those shown in the menu "Operations" multiplayer mode. In this list the challenges change every two weeks, and the countdown you see in the lower right corner of the screen indicates just how much time you have left to complete the current challenges before the update to new challenges takes place.

2) First of all, always make sure that the challenges you need to complete for sniper camouflage are set on the start page. To do this, go to the menu of the NOT completed challenges and press the button to make them active (X on Xbox and Square on Playstation). This way, by adding them to the challenges you follow, your progress for them will not be lost when you spend 1 team point to buy new challenges. As mentioned, the challenges update every 2 weeks, but they are not always all available. To find those related to the sniper suit you will therefore need to spend the team points to bring out new challenges, otherwise you will have to wait every time 2 weeks for this to happen naturally.

3) Now let's see WHAT are the challenges which unlocks the sniper camouflage suit. To the item "Armament Operations" you will have to find the challenge "Master barrel Chrome" e "Maestro Variable Zoom". After completing these challenges, you will be able to spend one team point to purchase new operations. In this way you should find the new level of the challenges that interest us to have the sniper camouflage, ie the "Maestro barrel Chrome II" and "Maestro Zoom Variable II". Completing these other two challenges will unlock the "Cobra Stealth" camouflage, which is identical to the sniper camouflage suit but without the hood.

Now, spend another squad point (or wait for the challenges to update) to find the challenge "Master chrome barrel III". To complete this last challenge you will have to kill 500 enemies using the chrome barrel accessory on your sniper rifle. When done, the "Ghillie" sniper camouflage will be yours and will remain so forever.

Here is a video showing the sniper camouflage in action, really cool and, as you can see at the end of the video, very effective !!!

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