Guide Trophy / Objective "Gaping", kill a nocturnal

    Dying Light: Guide to Killing a Nocturne [PS4 - Xbox One - PC]

    Guide Trophy / Objective


    Nocturnes are terrifying, but it is possible to dry them.

    Guide Trophy / Objective "Gaping", kill a nocturnal

    In Dying Light the Nocturnes only come out at night. When one of these creatures is near it is marked on the mini-map which also indicates its field of view. This is very important because they will start hunting you like the damned as soon as they see you, they are very fast, they deal incredible damage and they are hard to die (they have 3000 health). Nocturnes often hang out around the tower, where many missions start and where you'll often have to return to completing them.

    A very simple way to kill them is to lure them into the electric traps around the tower. Activate the trap when a nocturnal is chasing you, if he falls into it it should be enough to crack him permanently but, if that is not enough, be ready to lure him into a second trap on the other side of the building or favor death with a good dose of lead. if you already have weapons available (otherwise read the guide to find guns and rifles in Dying Light).

    Here is a video showing how to do it, consult the Dying Light cheats and guides tab for other guides on this game

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